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A cruel man abandoned his wife and son. Above all, everyone must abide by the law . So he was arrested. But the trial came to an abrupt end because of the man's absence. It was said he was mentally abnormal and was set free according to one law! What an absurd judgment! That's absolute nonsense! The angry people thought this bad law ought to be abolished to keep the judge from abusing his power. Fortunately, the boy's mother was able to afford enough money for the boy to go abroad to study. The moment the son was about to go aboard the ship, they kissed good-bye with tears. The boy went to an Academy of Technology successfully. No one could doubt his ability to learn abstract knowledge. He was absorbed in knowledge so much, just like dry sand absorbed water. His teacher really appreciated his complete absorption in his studies. So he supplied the boy abundant books for study, which accelerated the boy working harder.
Miss Austin was a strong woman. By investing wisely, she accumulated a fortune. One day, Miss Austin met a young man by accident. Their meeting was quite accidental. It was time of the Olympic Games, so hotel accommodations were scarce. The young man saved his room for Miss Austin politely. If she sang, he would accompany her on the piano. Because of his politeness, his strange accent was acceptable. Later, Miss Austin employed him as her assistant. He became accustomed to his job quickly. If she asked him to buy some accessories for a car, he would accomplish the work soon in accordance with her orders. So Miss Austin trusted him more and more and even one day the man had access to her bank account number. Miss Austin' detective showed her an accurate report to warn her of the man's cheating. He advised, “You must act accordingly.” Miss Austin took his suggestion into account. The young man was asked to account for his cheating. He explained he made a mistake on account of his illness. According to his behavior, he was accused of incompetence..
It's the age of advertisement. The ad companies have acute senses to activate the public to like the products the sports players recommend. If a woman has been acknowledged as the best tennis-player in the world, she can acquire a lot of money from advertisements. Of course, she must pay some additional charges as taxes to the Tax Administration. Usually,the woman will adjust herself to the change of her life and soon she will adapt herself to it. As a sports player, her earnings isn't always adequate to meet her needs. In addition to a beautiful house, she also wants to buy luxury cars. It's normal that a famous sports player's cars add up to five. In addition, some rich sports players liked to buy acres of land as their properties, thus they can have their outdoor activities conveniently. Sometimes some acquaintances of the sports players are popular too because their house are adjacent to the players. Their houses adjoin the players', which make them proud and happy. An adjective for this phenomenon is, “snobbish”.
It was advisable for an old couple to adopt an orphan, as they had no children of their own. Everything had been fixed in advance. Their kindness was an advantageous condition, which gave them an advantage over other applicants for the adoption of a little boy. The boy grew up quickly under affection, but his behavior was not particularly adult. That was a common mistake among adolescents. Soon, the boy gained admission into the Aesthetic College. The college was affiliated with a famous university. The affair affected all who knew the boy. He won the admiration of people. In the college, the professor he met first was an advocate of truth. He ignored all kinds of adverse comments about him. In the class, the professor taught the students how to use an adverb in the sentence. After class, he told them about his adventures in aerospace, and he showed them some aerial photographs. He also took advantage of some advanced instruments to make experiments. His new product was so promising, that his students decided to advertise it for him. The boy enjoyed his study very much.
Mr. Bacon used to be a music CD agent. He got the job through an employment agency. By accident, he heard some African music. The music was agreeable to the ear. From then on, he was in an agony of longing. Africa was a mysterious land attracting him. His heart agitated for adventure. Mr. bacon had a friend name Jack. Jack was an alert alien. They were much alike in character. Both of them never touched alcohol. Both of them were aggressive, but Jack was stronger. In the 400-meter match , he got ahead of Mr. Bacon every time One day, Mr. Bacon received airmail from Jack. In the airmail, Jack described the beauty of Africa. Mr. Bacon affirmed that what he said was true. Three days afterward they met at the airport. According to the agenda, they arrived in Africa the next day. They found that the lack of rain aggravated the serious shortage of food. The agricultural commodities were deficient that year. There were rumors in the air that it was punishment from God. Next, on the way to hotel, they were shocked to see a dead man on the road. They alarmed the police at once and waited for the aid from the police. It's really a bad journey!
The college admitted Steve when he was 15. The news was all over the small village.Not only he himself,but also his parent felt happy for this. They always fought alongside him. There was a bill along with the college notice, which upset them. The family was not rich at all; they had no radio, let alone a television. But they went all out to afford the higher education for him. After all, they had only one son. Fortunately, the college made allowances for Steve's situation and awarded him an allowance of five thousand dollars. When everything was all right, Steve went to college. In all, there were 30 students in his class. Steve learned a lot at class. He knew brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Besides this, he knew sometimes hemp was used to alleviate pain. Also, he could read the Latin alphabet correctly. Steve liked all the subjects but history. He had heard enough such as “Britain in alliance with France once defeated a number of smaller countries.”, “Britain was an ally of America in both World Wars. They were allied countries.”, and so on. But allowing for the graduation, he still got A in every subject. The teacher allocated duties to all the students evry Monday, and Steve always finished his part first. So the teacher alleged that Steve was the most promising student in the class.
In Paul's youth, he had the ambition of being a famous basketball player. As an amateur, he found great amusement in playing basketball. An ambitious boy usually worked hard until one day he broke his leg. The ambulance drove along with noisy whirling whistles toward the hospital. His parents alternated in looking after him. Once he recovered, Paul amended his life goal. He began to have interest in political affairs. At the age of 40, he was appointed ambassador to Britain. He told the news to his girlfriend at once and he proposed to her. He said to her, “My dear, my savings amount to 300 thousand dollars. We have ample money to decorate our wedding room. I just bought an amplifier yesterday. And I prefer to an ampere meter being made of aluminum even though it has analog to another one. ” But he was amazed to hear her ambiguous answer, “Maybe….”. Paul had no alternative but to wait. There were a few alterations to the timetable and the next month he flew to Britain. The airplane flew at an altitude of 20000 ft. Paul felt something wrong and soon lost his mind. When he woke up, he was told that the airplane had crashed and he broke his leg, once again! By analogy, we could guess that Paul would amend his life goal once again!
The Smiths lived in the apartment above ours. It was said that one of Mr. Smiths' ancestors was a great chess player. A chess player must have an analytical mind. Mr. Smiths lived on his annual pension . Apart from that, he had no private income. His wife, Mrs. Smiths was an announcer on TV broadcast. And she once helped us to fix the television antenna. Their daughter, June, was as lovely as an angel. Once she hurt her left ankle when her parents were not at home. My wife sent her to the hospital in a hurry. All of us often sat side-by-side and chatted one with another. Sometimes we would discuss some ancient history. Sometimes we would play games one after another. On their 10th anniversary of marriage, the Smiths received an anonymous letter and then made a decision. That is, they would start on Antarctic expedition. Since they anticipated that they might meet many difficulties, they would leave June with us. June was annoyed at their decision. So her father comforted her, “View it at a diffierent angle. You needn't have anxiety about that. I was anything but a hero. Anyhow we just want to realize our dreams since childhood. ” Finally, June accepted that.
The show would approximately begin in five minutes. It's apt to rain that afternoon. The television men had set up their apparatuses. Some appliances were made of stainless steel. Last week, Grace's first appearance failed. There was no apology needed. People's disappointment was already apparent. She was so sorry that she had no appetite to eat. Grace appealed to her friends for help. Thus she got an appointment with the appointed director. The way was applicable. The director was not easily approached. But Grace's appropriate attitude and clean appearance impressed him. Although he had received twenty applications, he agreed to give her another change. Grace appreciated his help very much. And now, Grace's second performance won the applause of the audiences. She was loudly applauded.There was an appreciable difference between her two performances. The final list together with an appendix would be sent to the manager for his approval. Grace waited for his appraisal with agreat deal of apprehension.
The Arabian Nights’ Entertainment is very interesting. One of them was a story about an outstanding architect named Ralph. He was good at arithmetic since childhood. And at the age of 20, his opportunity had arisen. The king asked him to design a palace roofed with an arch. On top of the arch, there would be an artificial arctic bear. It’s architecture of great artistic value. The king and the architect arrived at the agreement without argument. Before Ralph finished his work, he saw the princess. Even a flower was not as beautiful as she. Once he saw her, he felt as if he were drunk. As to that, he hadn’t thought of his social rank. Love was important for Ralph as well as for the princess. As for her, she felt as though Ralph were a member of her family. One evening, Ralph articulated his love to the princess. She arranged with him to meet at her bedroom. The next day, the princess aroused him just before dawn. But the arbitrary king had arrayed troops and he ordered the soldiers to arrest him. Luckily, the princess shot an arrow to stop them in time.
Sandy was an Asian. The local theare associated with other business establishments to discriminate against Asians. Every one aside from Asians could get into the theatre. Sandy was stopped too. But his angry aspect frightened the entrance guard. That evening, several Asian students including Sandy assembled in the campus. Each student had been assigned to a job. As for Sandy, he was to make an assault on the theatre. In the middle of the night with a loud"bang", the theare was burned to ashes. Sandy assisted other students to swim ashore. A helicoper was waiting for them. But Sandy stayed alone. He watched the helicopter ascend higher and higher until it disappeared. The police was going to ascertain the truth and they arrested Sandy. On the court, Sandy made a speech to assert his innocence. He assumed his action would arouse attention to race discrimination. But his assumption proved to be wrong. No one assessed his speech at its true worth. The court simply put him into prison. Sandy asked for a meeting with his parents. They came with tears. They had brought some easily assimilated food for him. Sandy asked them to ask after his grandmother.
An Australian, Mr. Mason, was charged with being in debt! On the day of trial, there was a great attendance at the court. Every audience was attentive to what he said. Mr. Mason used to be an athlete. But he had a dream of being an astronaut. In his mind, astronomy had atom theory were much more attractive than sports games. He paid attention to all kinds of space information. And he borrowed too much money to rent a spacecraft. But he hadn’t paid off his debt yet. Mr. Mason gave assurance that his debts should be paid soon. His sincere attitude was so moving that he attained his freedom. But he attributed this to his attorney. After that, Mr. Mason worked in a store during the day. And he augmented his income by teaching in the evenings. He used tapes as aural material to teach English. By the end of that year, he paid off all his debt. So Mr. Mason decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean as a trip. He attached a label to his baggage then went aboard. It’s a day of nice atmospheric pressure. He was astonished to feel the atmosphere of peace and calm on the sea. It reminded him of his dream again!
At the beginning of the auto (automobile) industry, many people were attracted to Detroit. Nike was one of them. He worked in a factory. There was no available automatic in that factory. Some part of the work must be done by ax. And the ax was awkward to handle. So Nick availed himself of every opportunity to improve instruments. He would design two to three instruments a month on an average. By and by, he became an authority on it. As one of the best workers, he was awarded bonuses often. Recently, Nick was assigned to fix an engine to avert any possible damage. He drew an axis on it first then fixed it carefully. He also brought an auxiliary engine with him. But just after he finished repairing, he was aware of his mistake right away. An awful accident happened next. The engine exploded and a big fire ensued. The people who stood on the avenue tried to extinguish the fire, but it’s of no avail. Fortunately, nobody was injured. The boss awaited Nick at the meeting room. Nick didn’t want to avoid punishment. To his surprise, the boss didn’t blame him. Instead, he gave a book about aviation to Nick. And the author was the boss himself!
George was a little backward since his childhood, but he was awarded a badge for his hard work in study. So it was't surprising that he had attained a bachelor's degree without any background. The first day George came to a village after graduation, he saw birds fly back and forth over it. There was a stream back of a bar. Suddenly a girl lost her balance and fell down in front of him. "You have to back up then turn around", he said and helped her up. Then he bandaged up her injured ankle. The girl judged him to be a bachelor from his simple baggage. She invited him to her home. The house was decorated with some colored balloons and banners. A badminton racket was hung on the wall. But iron bacterium had made it rusty. Her father, Mr. White was a barber, but he himself was almost bald. Mrs.White ran a bakery. And her bacon bread was famous. The girl backed her mother up whole-heartedly. So their bakery would never go bankrupt. That evening, George invited the girl to see a movie that was banned in the 60's. She used a rubber band to tie her hair then followed him. They went out with the bang of the door behind them. But George backed down what he said soon. He decided to treat the whole family to a big dinner first.
  Harry joined the army and became a member of battery. It's wintertime. The trees were bare because of the cold. The war ended nearby a bay. The battery bought a barrel of beer to celebrate their victory. The salesman refused to bargain over the price, but he gave them some coffee beans free. After lunch, the game began with a baseball match on basis of friendship. A batch of soldiers joined this. Beginners would feel it difficult to play. But Harry did it well. In fact, he wanted to play tennis with his new tennis bat. At that night, the strong wind unroofed the barn and a dog barked. So the battery found a captive was gone. The captive had a beard and it was said that he was a beast. No one expected this beforehand. Harry rode on a horse to purse him. The horse ran over the barrier easily. He stopped in front of the basement of a building. He took out a torch but it was useless, for the battery had run down. Harry went down. The bats flew everywhere. Finally he tried his best to catch the captive. He said to him, "On behalf of my battery, I arrest you!"
Sam received a letter from his beloved’s parents. His beloved died from an accident and was buried beneath her house. Sam lost his consciousness. When he woke up, he saw a doctor. He had a bias against doctors. But he made believe he behaved respectfully toward them. The doctor hadn’t much belief in his behavior for Sam’s eyes betrayed him. He said to Sam, “At best we can cure your body since we make the best use of the medical instruments here. Beware of your mind, you must try your best to cure it.” The next week, when the doctor came to see Sam, he was reading the Bible. There was another visitor besides him. It’s a beautiful nurse. She smiled at Sam, “If you want to know more about the Bible, you can look up the bibliography. ” Sam was bewildered by her smile. Next, they had a dialogue. “Fresh air is beneficial to your health. The bent branches are covered with ripe berries. Let’s go to pick berries tomorrow.” “It’s no benefit to me at all, I’d better stay here. Besides, I bet it will rain tomorrow.” But the next day, the weather had taken a turn for the better and they did go out. After a long struggle, Sam finally got the best of (got the better of) himself.
  The government decided to build a bridge between a bleak island and downtown. Several companies bid for the contract. And one of them won. The workers stood on board, accepting the blessing from the priest. He bid them good luck. It’s springtime. Flowers were blooming (blossoming) all over the island. The engineer who took charge of the team was Dan. He wasn’t interested in biology so he chose technology. After they arrived, Dan took out a blank sheet of paper to calculate the expense. It would cost them more than one billion dollars to complete the project. The first work was to move a big rock. The tools were too blunt, so they decided to blast it. A bold worker boasted that he could do it well. But he made an awful blunder. The trees around the rock caught fire suddenly. The workers were unable to control the blaze. It’s a bloody accident that caused five people to be injured, including Dan. Dan bound the cloth around his head to stop bleeding. Then he took some bitter pills. After that, he drank some blend of whisky and wine together with some biscuits. The worker blushed when he saw Dan in the boiler room. But Dan didn’t scold him. Instead, they needed a bolt to fit the valve. According to a biography about Dan, we know finally they completed the project successfully.
Since last year, the agriculture in this village had boomed. The boughs of trees were loaded with fruit. The workers worked hard and got bonuses. John was one of them. His neighbor, Mrs. Morris, had a son who walked with the help of a brace. Even though, the boy liked to bounce up and down. The friendship formed a friendly bond between the two families. They’d like to discuss something like public bond sometimes. One day, when John was working, Mrs. Morris called him from a telephone booth. She was crying, “My son fell into the river! Please save him!” It sounded like a bomb exploding in John’s heart. He rushed to the bank. He was bound to find the boy. The river formed the boundary between the two countries. To pass across the border, one must go through customs. “Brace yourself for the danger! ” some boring people tried to boycott his action. But John took off his boots and dived into the river. He showed great bravery in saving th drowning child and he succeeded. He held the boy to his bosom and went back. His dog came bounding to meet him. Mrs. Morris bowed as she appreciated him so much. She took out a brass box, in which there was a bottle of brandy made in France. It’s one of the most popular brands. It had a regular breadth of its bottom. Then Mrs. Morris bored a hole in the bottle cork to pull it out. After the meal, the mother said to the son, “Put the date in brackets on the paper. Do remember today, my boy.”
It was a nice night. Stars were billiant in the clear night sky. A breeze blew over the garden. We just had chicken breast for supper. I was telling my families about my travel when Bill broke in with a story of his. He was sorry to arrive late because his car broke down. So he had to ride on a horse. Though his horse was of the best breed he had ever bred., the hundreds of miles' run left Bill out of breath. He pulled the brim of his hat down over his eyes then began. "A man loved a girl very much. On May 1,she would be his bride. But he was put into prison and her family broke off relations with him. He was locked at a room where the window was bricked up. On the last day of April, the man bribed a policeman to let him go free. Next, he and the other criminals broke into the armory and carried off 20 rifles. So a combat broke out unavoidably. The police tried to break up the crowd but failed. The criminals had little difficulty in breaking through the pass. They broke away from the prison successfully!... " In brief, the story was exciting. It made all of us catch our breath.
The new buds appeared in the spring. But the storm brought down a number of trees last night. Scientists said that many factors brought about changes in the weather, but they could not bring forward the exact reasons. Constant stress had made our nerves brittle. And the poor aunt fell into a coma. Difficulties could bring out a person’s qualities. Her daughter, Jenny, was a brisk girl. She brought her to life by artificial respiration. Our brows went up in surprise. And Jenny’s composedness brought forth a positive effect. We calmed down and then we cleaned the room with a broom, a mop and a bucket. Suddenly, I noticed there was a bronze sword on the wall. Jenny said she had been to Britain and it was a gift from a British friend. She took out a travel brochure and continued, “Last year I budgeted for all my expenses in the year and I decided to travel. Then I met Mr. Brown. Nazis were brutal during the World War II and he was the only survivor of his family. He cross a brook and avoided the chase. He saw bubbles rise from under the water.. He would never forget that. Later, Mr. Brown got married and brought up two children. Because we communicated well, he gave his favorite sword to me.”
Teddy was the son of a butcher. They lived in an old building. And they often bought bulbs in bulk to save money. But poverty wouldn’t stop Teddy’s steps to college. Further more his classmate, Sally, fell in love with him. She was more beautiful than a butterfly. She often gave him a bundle of new clothes.. In return, she would receive a bunch of flowers. They built up love day by day. The girl’s father was a businessman. He sold by-products of crude oil. He had a temper as bad as a bull. The father disliked Teddy very much. First, he burned up all the pictures of Teddy that Sally had. Secondly, he threatened to kill Teddy with a bullet. Thirdly, he posted a bulletin on the board to expose Teddy’s financial burden. And then, one day, he informed his secretary that he was going on business. But in fact, he followed Teddy. Teddy caught the No. 111 trolley bus to the tourist bureau. The father took a by-pass to the track. But electric motor of his car was too powerful and it burned out a fuse. He bumped into a tree and the car crashed. But for the accident he should had seen the two young people get on an airplane going abroad.
  There were three candidates for the presidential election campaign and finally Mr. Knox won. Right away, he called his wife up to inform her. Then he bought lots of candies for the children to celebrate the victory. At night, they went to a cafeteria to taste favorite cabbage. The next day, Mr. Knox put the calendar on the shelf. There were many problems that called for solutions. He intended to build more libraries on the campuses. The ministers were called up to discuss this. The proposal called forth a good deal of hostile criticism in the cabinet. The project needed a number of cables. They calculated the cost and at last the proposal was called off. Mr. Knox felt disappointed, and the worse was, his doctor told him that he had gotten cancer in his liver. So he cancelled all his appointments. He decided to call on a famous doctor who lived in Canada. His packages were delivered across the desert by camels. .He crossed a lake in a canoe first then took a ship to sail on the canal. It was strange to see a cannon on the ship. Usually, Mr. Knox had his supper at the canteen. While staying in the passenger cabin, he would miss his family very much.
When Mrs. Hayes was a child, her father, a capable carpenter cared for her very much. He made a very beautiful carriage for her.He drew canvases for her. So Mrs. Hayes promised to give her own children a good childhood. Mr. Hayes used to be a cargo carrier. His early career was successful until he was choosen to explore the outer space! The day they departed, Mr. Hayes said to his wife,"Take care of the children in case I don't come back." Mrs. Hayes answered,"You take care." The capsule had a capcity of 10 persons but 15 peoples got in. It's ridiculous to carry out the plan. All of their lives were carried off. The moment Mrs. Hayes heard of the news, she want to take a poison capsule to kill herself. But finally she didn't become the captive of Death. One day, a thief stole her ID card and her credit card. The police had not captured the thief yet. From then on, whenever she went out, she brought a knife with her in case of need. In the day, she taught the children what's capitalism and what's carbon dioxide. At night, she would cook beef and carrot. After supper, she accompanied them to watch cartoon. Later, the government built up her husband's statue carved out of marble. Facing the statue, Mrs. Hayes said,"In no case am I to leave my children! In any case, it is my responsibility to bring them up. Though tired,I will carry on untill they are grow up."
It's a story about a prince. You can look for the books in the library catalog. A prince live in a beautiful castle. His bedroom was a large room with a high ceiling. The floor had been cemented over. From the window, he could watch the cattle grazing. One day, he had a casual meeting with a pretty girl. Some robbers robbed of a cashier and flew away. The number of casualty was 5. The robbers had gone ten miles before the police caught up with them. Soon they were locked in a cell of the cellar. When the prince arrived at the locale, he saw a girl looking after the wounded. In the prince's eyes , women could be divided into two categories: kindhearted and evil-minded. So he could not help casting his eyes toward her. He walked up to her and found he was 15 centimeters taller than her. He asked her ,cautious in his choice of words,"Would you like to visit my castle?" The girl was surprised, "Would you mind repeating what you said,I didn't quite catch on." Gradually their talk ceased with long silence followed. From then on, the prince's every cell was eager to see her. In the end, they decided to get married after census. it's a nice day. It's 20 centigrate that day. The wedding ceremony was held in a Catholic cathedral. The pastor showed the marriage certificate to all of the guests. A new cassette recorder recorded their love swear.
Having read The Great Charter Movement, I finished chapter 8 of another novel. The characters in the book were impressive. They showed their characteristic features in their own ways. The hero, Andrew was tolerant in character. He might be characterized as a man of mercy. Andrew was in charge of a company. He met a woman by chance at a party. Her charm of manner made her popular. No other women dared to challenge her beauty. It was said she was a City Beauty champion. Andrew wanted to chase her. He decided to take a chance. He cheered up at the thought of seeing her again. The next day, after checking up on the weather chart, Andrew chartered a ship to her city. The ship followed the channel into the port. He remained cheerful throughout the trip. Once he stepped on the bank, Andrew checked in at a hotel. It was surprising that the pretty woman welcomed him so much. Andrew hoped he could stay longers, but he had to check out before next Monday. The last morning when Andrew woke up, he found his room was in chaos and the woman was gone. The TV channel was broadcasting a boring talk show. A police officer that took charge of larceny interviewed Andrew in his chamber. He told him that the woman had cheated his passessions. But Andrew forgave her completely with charity. He just wanted her back !
There was a chill in the air that morning.We chopped the block of wood into pieces and threw them into the fire place. The chimney poured smoke Into the alr. After the lamb chops dinner,we made the circuit of the old city walls. The Circular tour took us 3hours. The circumference of the city was almost 10 miles.And we found a story on the wall,chiefly about a chemist.He had a chi1dish chin.He liked to play chess.And he cherished a set of ancient china.But his favorite thing was to do chemical experiments.His last task was to make cheeses,cherry flavor and chestnut flavor.After several days’hard work,the chemist decided to have a taste. He chewed some chips of cheese.Having given a few chokes, he got his breath.It tasted wonderful! He was so happy that he lit up a cigar.The news circulated quickly. The paper praised him in chorus.A Christian chorus sang Christmas carols for him. The mayor invited him to have a lecture. Due to circumstances beyond control,the lecture was cancelled.It's a pity.
This town had a temperate climate. On rainy days, most people would stay at home, listening to some classical music. When the weather cleared up, they would go out. Some youth even would climb the cliff. Some other young people would go to the circus. It had classic performances. The climax of the show was three cats using their sharp claws to draw pictures in the clay! Audiences clapped their hands in delight. But for Molly and Henry, the sister and the brother, the pleasure was to study. School education helped to civilize the people. It's one of the civil rights. And also, the government cited the Bible to claim that civilization was necessary. This morning, after clearing away the kitchen, they went to school. They wore civilian clothes like other students. The students in the school were classified by the subject they chose. Some students learned how to be a lawyer, how to face the clients and how to make every clause of the contract clear. Some focused on grammar. They must understand all kinds of clauses. Molly and Henry were in the debate class. Clarity of thinking was of greatest importance in a debate. In the class, the two sides clarified their contentions loudly. They were so serious that the two sides fought wlth each other. In the clash, Molly's necklace fell off because the clasp had broken. Henry picked it up and held Molly's hand in a firm clasp. It's a funny day!
I coach people to drive. Last Sunday, I saw a tragedy. Two coaches collided with each other. A building collapsed.Many people clustered to see what happened. Five persons died during the collision. Coherent blood wet their clothes. And thewet cloths clung to their bodies. The police covered the dead with cloaks. A man volunteered to help them. His friendly behavior was a cloak for his evil intentions. A dead wonman clutched her purse tightly but he stole it. Few people noticed his coarse action. Then he wanted to escape from there but tripped over a coil of rope. His clumsy movement attracted the police. According to the clue a witness supplied, he was arrested. At the same time, a coal ship was sailing along the coast clockwise. One of my colleagues happened to be on the ship. His free time never coincided with mine. We only used Morse code to keeo in touch. So I was surprised to see him. What a coincidence! We two collaborated with the police to send the injured people to the nearest clinic . We worked around the clock. Everything was going smoothly with the collective ef-fort. After we finished this, my colleague showed me his latest butterfly collection. It was clipped in a box. Its really beauti-fuL .
The country used to be a British colony in Asia. Colonial people could win liberation only through Struggle. They must combat the colonists until victory was theirs. "The war commenced in March. Mr. Lincoln, the colonel elected by the people, commanded the soldiers to attack the capital. Columns made of stone. were used to open the city gate. Mr. Lincoln led his soldiers, " Come on ! Let's drive them away home! " The attack came off and the victory came out. But Mr. Lincoln was wounded by a bullet. He was unconscious, but might come to. With water splashed on his face, he soon come around. He was lucky to come through the war. A monument was built to commemorate the victory. After the war, Mr. Lincoln's wish to become an editor came true. He worked for a magazine, at the current events column. The magazine came out once a month. For years, Mr. Lincoln kept coming up with new and good comments. His work was highly commended. He worked well, coming up to what his boss expected of him. The boss came round to encourage him to work harder. Coming to $6,000 a month, his earnings are the highest among his colleagues. But he couldn't always combine work with pleasure.There was not much comedy in the reality. For example, he wouldn't feel comfortable when a beggar came up to him for money. There were still many problems existing in the world.
New York was a big commercial city. Many people commuted between home and offices everyday. Mr. Dodge and Mrs. Dodge know each other at a college committee. Both of them believed in communism and they communicated well. On that day the topic was, if the commonwealth should appoint a commission to find out why commodities cost so much. The chairman made a commonplace speech, which bored every commonsense audience. So a girl's compact speech cheered them up. The chairman's speech was hardly conparable with hers. The audiences made a comparative vote of the two speeches and the girl won. After graduation, Mr. Dodgebecame a salesman, receiving commissions on all sales he made. The girl was an architect. She had secured two commissions to design buildings. Love was poetically compared to flower. Mr.Dodge had considered her an ideal companion for himself. Having kept company with him for more than 2 years, she really loved him. Soon, they got married and had two children. The boy liked to draw a cicrl with compasses and the girl liked to swim in the swimming pool used in common. Sometimes the couple would work in community welfare deparment for free. If they were busy, the children would be committed to the care of an aunt. This family never booked the first-class compartment of the train. They weren't rich but were really happier by comparison.
Everyone in competitive society faces keen competition,including love competition. In a city,there were many young men who competed for a beautiful woman,Nancy.The chasing team was composed of about 20 people.Nancy received many compliments on her beauty but she only cared about Arthur and lke. Arthur was an editor. It took him years of hard work to compile a good dictionary.And he would complete the task soon.Nancy enjoyed reading the dictionary.IkeWas a strong competitor of Arthur.He was a handsome but not compatible piano player.He always complained that life was getting more complex and difficult.He had enough complication in his life.I would tell you the complicated processes soon. He played many of his compositions for Nancy and she liked his music.As we know,most of the time,jealousy was a component of love.And one day it even compelled lke to shoot at Arthur! The injured man was granted 20 thousand dollars in compensation.Ike couldn’t be a competent lover forever.He was put into jail.A sentence could be an excellent complemnent to the story.That is,in every competition,every one must comply with the law.
I saw a film last night. The film compressed ten years into two hours. Joseph was a chemist. We know a small baby has no concept of right and wrong. But Joseph wanted to inventr a conmpound to help babies to have good comprehension. The conception of thc plan occurred at a meeting of scientists. Joseph showed great interest concerning this plan. He was very seriously concerned with the problems involved. He concentrated all his attention on chemical research. No one could conceive of his hard work. But he concealed the research from his wife. So far as she was concerned, housework was more important. Everything went right except Jaseph must stop his work because of compulsory military service. He computed his losses at three months. So he worked harder after he went back. Eight years had passed before Joseph succeeded. He wrote a concise summary of his invention. A committee that comprised men of dif ferent views was sent to test his invention. They concluded that the compound really did work. A director of a big company tried to persuade Joseph to make some concession to sell the invention. But Joqeph had prepared to make no compromise. He'd like to give it to the public free. The newspaper made a comprehensive report of his deeds. A concert invited Joseph to make a speech. At the end of his speech, he said, "In conclusion, let me take the opportunity to thank all of you for your support."
A friend congratulated me on my new book about my trip. Then he asked me many questions in connection with life abroad. I said I would tell him a confidential story on condition that he kept it secret. My words confused him but also confirmed his thinking. Last year, in the country I visited the conjunction of the heavy rains and high winds caused flooding. At the same time, the conflict between the employers and workers led to the strike. The workers refused to conform to the unfair contract. They had been confined by the contract for many years. They condemned the employers for their bad conduct. And they had no confidence in the enlployers any more. Confronted by the angry crowd the police retreated. Congress conferred upon the strike but had no idea. A killer hired by some employers killed the strike leader, a confident orchestra conductor. A bus conductor caught the criminal. The criminal was confined in a prison and soon he confessed his crime. The criminal was condemned to death. The Queen conferred knighthood on the bus conductor at the press conference. But one month later, the bus conductor was murdered too. He was found dead nearby a post. made of concrete. I condensed the story to half its original length.
A party consisted of ten conservatives. They were conscientious men. In consequence of their conscience, they worked constantly to raise people's consciousness on the conservation of natural resources. They said that the human being kept conquering nature and in consequence one day we would pay for the conquest at a considerable cost. It's conspicuous that forest was getting less and less. Consequently, every conscious person should give careful consideration to this problem. The ideas in their speeches were consistent. Analyzing their speech into its constituent parts, we knew that the strength of it consisted in the justice of it. Many people consented to support them. So their confidences were consolidated. The consensus of opinion at the latest meeting was that they would try to persuade the Congress to constitute some new constitutions,They were really considerate!
There are seven continents in the world. There's too great a consumption of alcohol in Europe. Mr. Keble was an alcoholic. He said he cared for his health but his actions contradicted his words. He constructed a wine cellar for himself. And he consumed a big container of alcohol a week. He was content with alcohol. His favorite was to enter drinking contests. On the contrary, Mrs. Keble disliked alcohol very much. She still loved Mr. Keble, but felt a touch of contempt. She contended that he should stop drinking. But he always contradicted her. They quarreled about this continually. One day when Mrs.Keble arrived at home, she found her husband sleeping on the floor. The wine had contaminated his shirt. So she contacted his consultant at once to consult with him about this. The consultant was contemporary with the Keble's. In contrast with the Keblet's, he was always calm. He watched and concluded that continuous drinking had made Mr. Keble thoroughly week. He suggested Mr. Keble make a contract with him. Mr. Keble read the contract and agreed with him. Later, Mr.Keble took a new kind of medicine his consultant gave to him every day. After much difficulty, he contrived to stop drinking! Can you guess the contents of that contract from the context? Its about the new medicine. The new medicine proved an important contribution toward Mr. Keble.
A suspect was convicted of robbery. It was said he robbed a copper watch. According to the convention, he had the right to appeal. A lawyer had interest in this controversial case. He was very famous. He'd never got out of control in any case. And he could always manage to convert defeat into victory. His corporation was formed in 1994. The lawyer corresponded with the suspect about his case. He tied a package with a cord then sent it to the suspect. The suspect decided to cooperate with the lawyer. He was very cooperative. The core of the case was to find the proper evidences. As a famous lawyer, it was convenient for him to do that. Everything was under control. On the day of trial, after the conventional greeting, the lawyer began his statements. His words conveyed his real feeling. No one could cope with him in debate. What ever the accuser said, he could give corresponding refutation. Further more, he supplied some coordinate evidence. He had full conviction that he would win. He was right. In fact, he had convinced the jury of the suspects innocence. We knew he won as he had thought. His friends gave him a cordial hug. And the correspondents reported the news of his success at once.
A millionaire lived in a county of England. He had a costly cottage in the country. One day, he read a piece of news about space. He counted up how much a cosmic flight would cost. Then he was determined to have a cosmic flight at all costs. Few people could go into space. So he thought of his cousin who worked in the Aviation Council. He corrupted his cousin with money. His cousin was a coward corroded by money. His behavior was counter to his duty. He didn't know he accepted the money at the cost of his future. After his cousin left, the millionaire smiled at a cat crouching on the counters "Anytimes, I can count on my money! " A week laters two policemen came to "visit" the millionaire. They passed the corridor and stood in front of him. At that time, the millionaire was having dinner. He sat on his couch and tried to crack a crab. Seeing the policemen, he covered up his nervousness. Soon, he was brought to court for trial. His counsel counseled him to say nothing about the affair before they met. In the course of the trail, the millionaire showed his courtesy properly. As a defendant, his counterpart was the Aviation Council. Fortunately, by courtesy of it, he had not been put into jail. Instead, he was imposed a fine of 1O thousand dollars.
A craft flew to the planet L6046. It used to be a cradle of civilization. But now it was a special prison for all kinds of cruel criminals. As usual, the craft came to check the situation here. Unexpectedly, the craft crashed when it was landing. The crew came out of it. Then they were shocked to see many strange creatures creeping or crawling on the ground like huge crickets. They had black crusts and they crowed like roosters! They were crude aliens! The huge aliens came up to the crew. Within a few minutes, quite a few people were crippled. Things became to a crisis. A creative woman played a crucial role. She climbed into a crane. Then she drove it towards the aliens. She acquired the craft from her father. The crane crushed the aliens successfully. The remaining people survived. Half an hour later, another craft came to rescue them. The critical period was over. One of the survivors was a critic. He wrote an impressive criticism. But the government had its own criteria. It criticized the critic and crossed out his criticism. The new king would be crowned in a month. To avoid a riot, it was reasonable to do that.
A thief had a son who had lovely curls. Even he himself was a thief, he wanted to cultivate his son into a person of culture. But children always took their cue from their parents. The boy disliked the current curriculum, something about currency. In fact he disliked all of the curricula. Recently, he always cut in when the teacher talked. That's his customary shortcoming. So the school cut off his name from the students' roster. The boy went home by cycle. At first, he sat on a cushion, cursing the school. Suddenly, he had great curiosity to find out what's in the cupboard. To cut down the dangers such as electrical current, he cut off the electric source first. The boy curved the lock and then opened the cupboard. It's a cubic crystal inside of it! On cue, the father felt something. He cut short his work, put down the cylinder in his hand. Then he cut across a field to go home. The moment the boy touched the crystal, he heard his father's steps. The cunning boy took out a cucumber and began to eat it. Facing his father, he said, " I'm hungry." The father was puzzled, but still wanted to punish him, " No matter what tricks you play, I will cut back your allowance !"
Mr. Carter ran a dairy. But he was deeply in debt during the past decade. He owed a dealer a great deal of money. It was a question they debated all the time. According to the data up to date, the amount of the debt was 250 thousand dollars. The dealer's voice was deafening," Tomorrow.is the deadline. If you can't pay off the debts, I will explode your dam!" Mr. Carter had no way to deal with it. The next dawn, the weather was cold and damp. He drank some deadly poison and soon was in danger. His daring daughter dashed into his bedroom. Fertunately, the poison was out of date. Mr. Carter opened his eyes. The daylight dazzled his eyes. Then he saw his darling daughter. The daughter said to her fathei. "Dad, you still have me to date. Don't give up please. Tomorrow will be a new day!"
The A Empire declined as a world power. It was decomposing into many small local authorities. Last year the people's earnings decreased 20% because of the financial deficit. Many children in the poor area had calcium deficiency. From the facts, we deduced that the Empire was decaying. Who caused it? The people needed a definite answer. Then they found out that the emperor deceived them. His deceit was disgusting. He lived in decent conditions. His hall was decorated with deer horns. But he had never had decided opinions of his own. That was his fatal defect. The power of an emperor was defined by law, not by himself. A minister stepped forward boldly. He deemed it his duty to help his people. He dedicated his life to his people. So he made adeclaration of war against the emperor. The night deepened. The minister declined to drink with others. He stood on the deck. The wave swept over the deck. Tomorrow there would be a decisive battle. The deficiency of the battle plan was clear but it did succeed in the end. After the war, the minister reformed the duodecimal system into the decimal system's which improved the currency of money. The people defined him as a wonderful minister.
The story depicted a man in a ademocratic city. The desity of population in that city was very high. And from time to time, people would demonstrate in the street. Roger's leg was deformed in an accident. Because of sadness, Roger degenerated deliberately. He took delight in enjoyment. He loved delicious food and deliate women. He defied the moral starldards. He went on degenerating until one of his girl friends died. Roger was seen being with her before she died. A delegation came to investigate this case. Roger repeated denials of the charges against him. He said, "We went to the train station. After I deposited the case in the left luggage office, she was gone with the $50 deposit. " Luckily, the delegation caught the real criminal. The next day, they would leave. But it rained heavily. A thick deposition of mud covered the field. It was difficult to cross the dense forest. The postal delivery was. late that day and the departure was delayed until next week. Roger demonstrated them how to drive a new kind of automobile. The usefulness of the autonmobile in forest had been clear demonstrated. Before they departed, the leader of the delegation said to Roger, "Find a job and end your dependence on your girl firends." Soon Roger had a delibelate action, that is, he worked as a dentist. And his smile denoted his real enjoyment from work.
The sun descended behind the sand hills. The beauty of the sunset was beyond description. But no one noticed that.These travelers had expected it was a desirable travel, but now they lost their ways in the desolate desert. The deputy of these travelers was despatched to take the news to the travel agency. But he escaped alone. He felt guilty at deserting his clients but still he did that. The others despised his deeds. Destiny was sometimes cruel. The sandstorm came. The destructive force of the storm was huge. The people became desperate in their attempt to find a way out. The thought of dying in the desert depressed them and nearly deprived them of all courage. All of them gave up the attempt in despair. Just then, a man with several camels appeared. Despite trucks, the camel is still man's best friend. The man designated his job was to rescue them.He was a descendant of Spanish soldier. His name derived from his grandfather. The man detached a water bag from the baggage then gave it to them. Next, he led them to the safe place. The descent down the sand hiII took two hours. But eventually they arrived at their destination. The man deserved their thanks for his bravery. The survivors ate a lot of desserts! Then they told the other curious travelers about their adventure in the desert in details !
Recently, the king of a kingdom acted as a dictator. He deviated from the constitution. If he differed from his minister, he would kill him. One by one, four ministers died off. There was a rumor saying the king was possessed by devils. A detectlve determined to find out what's wrong with the king. His devotion to the king was as pure as dew. he devised a new type of detector that was an electronic device. He tried various devices to get into the palace. Then he installed a detector into the king's room. The first day, the king dictated a letter to his secretary in dialect. The second day, a doctor came to see the king. He gave the king a diagram of diagnoses. He said that weight was deteriorating the king's health and his therapy couldn't be detained any longer. He suggested the king go on a diet to reduce some weight. Then on the third night, a devil did come to visit the king! The flame in the fireplace burned unsteadily and then died out. The devil took out a huge diamond while saying to the king, "Measure the diameter of it. How big it is! It you listen to me, it's yours ... " The devil's shadow died down, but the detective still was shocked by everything. He needed to devise a powerful device to detain this devil next time!
The digest of the novel included the most exciting scenes. Several witnesses saw a UFO! It looked like a huge disc. The dimension of the UFO was 6 feet high, 15 feet in diameter. It gave off diffused light. The light was too dim for them to see it clearly. So they touched it, and it diminished! Suddenly the stones on the ground flew about in every direction. One of the witnesses was disabled in this disaster. The UFO took off and soon disappeared in the sky. The police was diplomatic; they found Professor Huggins with the help of the directory. Professor Huggins was diligent enough to obtain a diploma in space research. Now, he was the director of a famous scientific group. On the day they visited him, Professor Huggins was dining. He was dipping the chicken in the butter. The rich food didn't digest easily. The police asked him what differentiated the UFO from the airplane. He answered humorously, "The UFO has diplomatic immunity."The police said his help would certainly make a difference in this affair. Professor Huggins cut off their diffuse speech and agreed to help them. The news diffused rapidly around the country. The bad thing was newspaper accounts of the affair disagreed. This place Professor Huggins in something of a dilemma. To maintain his dignity, he had to do his work under disadvantage. So he kept on working with a digital computer day and night.
  这部小说的摘要包含了最精彩的场面。几个目击者看见了UFO!它看起来像一个巨大的圆盘。 UFO的尺寸是高6英尺,直径15英尺。它发出四散的光。光线很暗淡,他们看不清楚。于是他们去触摸它,然而它竟缩小了!突然地上的石头朝各个方向乱飞。一个目击者在这场灾难中残废了。UFO起飞并很快消失在空中。警方很有策略,他们通过人名地址簿找到了哈金斯教授。哈金斯教授很勤奋,他获得了太空研究方面的一个文凭。现在,他是一个著名的科学团体的主任。警方拜访哈金斯教授的那天,他正在进餐。只见他拿鸡块蘸黄油吃。这种油腻的食物可不好消化。警方问他如何区分UFO和飞机。他幽默地回答说:“UFO有外交豁免权。”警方说他的帮助对这事很重要。哈金斯教授打断他们冗长的演讲,答应帮助他们。很快消息在全国传播开来。不好的事情是新闻报道不一致。这使哈金斯教授陷于窘境。为了维护自己的尊严,他不得不在不利条件下工作。于是他夜以继日地用一台数字计算机工作着。
The war field was in dreadful disorder. Several big chimneys discharged smoke. But the soldiers displayed perfect discipline under the fire of the enemy. A soldiers Howard, was asked to send a dispatch to the front line. But he said he lostit. His expression disclosed the truth. The captain saw through his disguise. He discerned that Howard was lying. The captain dismissed the other soldiers then cried at Howard, "Can you discriminate good conduct from bad? Nothing displeased memore than your lie. Your behavior disgusted everybody. You are a dishonor to our regiment. Our regiment was disgraced by your conduct. I have known how to dispose of you. You are dismissed by way of punishment. Bob will displace you. Don't dispute with me. " The captain's words discouraged Howard. And the news of being dismissed dismayed him. He felt the army had discarded him. Though Howard thought he should not be discriminated against, he knew he was deserving. Someother soldiers surrounded to watch. The captain dispersed them. Howard had to go home and then worked at a store selling merchandise of a 20% discount. He was disposed for discharging the cargo.
A chemist lived in a mountainous district. From his window, a church could be seen in the distance. The diversion of a stream changed the land. There were many beautiful flowers here. The chemist had something to do with a company. He worked for a research division of it. He distinguished himself as a great chemist. He was so crazy about diverse experiments that he disregarded his wife's feelings, which caused her in great distress. She was dissatisfied with his apathy. They had quite distinct ideas from each other and at last they divorced. their properties had been justly distributed. It's a fair division of everything. The divorce didn't disturb the chemist too much. Marriage was a thing he could do without. In fact, he thought this sort of thing should be done away with. As for his former wife, she would have nothing more to do with him. One day, the chemist dissolved some material in hot water. He tried to obtain another material by distillation. There was some distinct distinction between these two materials. Suddenly, he heard a cry, "Help!" The cry distracted him from his work. It's a boy in the ditch! The chemist dived into the ditch. Even though he felt dizzy, he did rescue the drowning child. But the newspaper distorted the facts, saying he pushed the boy down! The chemist wasn't angry at all. He had more interest in his experiment than the news.
Last week, we saw a documentary about two domestic animals. It seemed to be a farce and it made us doubled up with laugher. A donkey and a dove lived in a small domlitory. The donkey liked eating hot dogs and the dove liked playing with her doll. Somebody donated a black dress with white dots to the doll. They had faith in different doctrines, so they had a good many domestic troubles. From the very beginning their living together was doomed to failure. The dove was arbitrary. She always wanted to dominate others. The dome was her domain and she didn't allow others to get close to it. The worst thing was, she wagged her tongue day and night. But she met her doom after she made the donkey angry. The donkey disliked the dove there was no doubt about that. One day, the house next door caught fire. It was dangerous to stay at the doorway . Both of them escaped out of doors. Then the donkey took the dove down to the dock to see the ships. On the way, he persuaded her to take one dose of some kind of medicine. He's doubtful about whether he should do it. The dove took it and could speak no more than three words at a time. It was really magic medicine!
  Several good actors and actresses dropped out of this theatre. What the remaining ones did was to dress up to displaythemselves on the stage. So the audiences for the play had recently dropped off. A dramatist was asked to amend the play.He had painfully drawn up a first draft. Its drawback was obvious, so he locked it in a drawer. The boss dropped by him.They had a drastic dispute over the draft. After the boss left, the dramatist had a dozen buns for supper. Then he began to doze off. Suddenly he heard the drip of the water. Then he was surprised to find himself standing on a boat. The boat drifted helplessly along the drain until some people saw him. They helped him up. But the boat changed into a dragon all at once! The dramatist dreaded it so much that he dared not to see it. The others discussed draining the water first, and then they could drag it out of the drain. The dramatist sneaked away. He got on a train. The train drew in at 9 PM. When he opened the door of his house, he saw the dragon smiling at him ! The dramatist woke up with great fear. The dramatic dream inspired him a lot. He drew on all his talents to write an excellent play.
It is time in the future. But the dynamic dynasty has gone. The weather becomes protean due to the pollution's influence of long duration. Sometimes some crops died during the drought ; sometimes some animals were drowned by the heavy rainfall. Lots of garbage is dumped on the dump. People dwell in the houses made of durable material. They changed their dwellings from time to time. Human beings are not smart anymore. Most of the people become dull and dumb. Dynamical robots controlled them. The human beings were forced to dye their hair with different colors. They never dwell on any problems. They only go on duty at 8 : 00 AM and come off duty at 8 : 00 PM everyday. At dusk, a huge drum begins to beat. Everyone begins to eat supper. A few smart people. feel dubious about how to help others. One of them suggests duplicating the clever people. But it's certain that the suggestion is dubious. The above-entioned story hasn't come true yet. But it maybe...
In a country of the Middle East, there was a man named Eagle. His high earnings came from his earthenware factory.He learned some economics to improve his management. In a word, he lived a life of ease. But something happened. It was reported that there would be an eclipse on Easter Day. It did appear and an earthquake followed! No one had realized what on earth was going on. Eagle fell off the edge of the ground crack. Luckily enough, he was saved. His ankle was hurt. Heplastered it with some medicine. And the medicine took effect quickly. The next day, an earnest editor wrote an editorial.He appealed to everyone to help each other. The editorial was so popular that it had entered the seventh edition. Eagle was very economical, but the editor's words echoed in his ears. He donated much edible food to starving people. The country's economy was unstable after the earthquake. When the time was ripe, a new economic policy would be put into effect. The new one would not go into effect until the first of March. To carry the policy into effect, a lot of money was needed. In Eagle's opinion, the new one and the old one in effect were identical. Having gone through the earthquake, he cared for nature more than before. So he started to study ecology.
Mr. Marshall was an electrician with elegant manners. He mastered electrical engineering. Also he knew some elementary exercises for the piano. Mr. Marshall was efficient at his job. His labor efficiency was very high. So he was one of the elite in the electronics field. Either his boss or his colleagues agreed on this. Today his boss would come to check his work. The experiment building was at an elevation of 1.000 meters. The boss took the elevator to the eighteenth floor. Mr. Marshall had prepared an elaborate report on a new electronic device. He took his elbows off the desk and showed his boss the design. Then he elevated his voice slightly, "This kind of metal is a special element. If we electrify the electronic device, the electric current will cause the electrons to eject quickly...The new process can eliminate the need for checking the products by hand. And we don't need elastic rubber any more. "Mr. Marshall's eloquent words impressed his boss very much. He asked, " When can the new system become effective? Do it quickly, or else we will miss the Electronics Exposition next month. " "No problem." Mr. Marshall answered. Finally, his efforts were rewarded with success.
  马歇尔先生是个有着优雅风度的电学家。他精通电学工程,还知道一些基本的钢琴练习。马歇尔先生工作很有能力。他的工作效率很高,所以他是电子学领域的一名出类拨萃的人物。不论是他的老板还是他的同事都同意这点。今天他的老板来视察他的工作。实验大楼坐落在海拔l000米的高度。老板乘电梯来到18层。马歇尔先生已经准备好了一份关于一个新的电子设备的详尽报告。他将胳膊肘从桌上移开,向老板展示设计。然后他略微提高了他的声音开始解释:“这种金属是一种特殊的元素。如果我们使这个电子设备通电,那么.电流会使电子快速喷射…这种新方法可以消除人工检测产品的程序,并且我们不再需要弹性的橡胶了。”马歇尔先生有说服力的话让老板印象非常深刻。他问道:“这个新系统什么时候生效? 要弄快点,否则我们就要错过下个月的电子设备展览会了。”马歇尔先生回答说:“没问题。”最终,他的努力得到了成功的回报。
New problems emerge everywhere everyday. A famousscientist and his family just emigrated from Italy to this empire. but two days ago, the scientist's son encountered several kidnappers when he was reading an encyclopedia. They kidnapped him. The boy's life was endangered. "This put the embassy In a very embamassing position. The emperor made aspeech with emotion. He encouraged the family to cheer Up. The police embarked on this case. They made a plan called Sword Action. Their plan embraced all aspects of the rescue. The emphasis of the plan was to save the boy. The team leader emphasized the importance of the rescue. Several witnesses said a ship embarked the suspects at the north port. This clue enabled the police to follow the tracks of the kidnappers. Every plainclothesman carried a pistol for use in an emergency. The kidnappers contacted the scientist by emitting the radio signals the scientist kept in touch with the emission. At the same time. the police enclosed the ship with fishnet. The ship stopped. The police caught the employees and the employer ofthe ship. Then several entpirical policemen began to search the kidnappers and the boy. They embodied their courage and brightness. After the fierce fighting, the boy was saved safely. The scientist saw his son again. They embraced each otherwlth tears!
When Philip was very young, he was enlightened on engineering. He enrolled at a famous University. Alter the graduation, he became an engineer in a big enterprise. Just like the police enforced the law seriously, Philip worked very hard. He engaged in his work and he enjoyed himself very much. The more he worked, the more energetic he was. Philip was a man of great enterprise. He invented a new kind of engine. The invention enriched him and enhanced his reputation. One day,philip met a lovely girl. He watched her with enormous interest. Then he enquired everything about her. After that, Philip endeavored to please his beloved lady. He entertained her with music and cookies at home. He showed his remarkable endurance throughout the courtship. He could not endure a day without seeing her. But he could not ensure that the girI could be moved. The girl enquired whether he really loved her. She enforced herself not to think of him, but she could not. Now,I am glad to tell you that the story has a happy ending. Phili got engaged to the girl when traveling last winter. Their engagement was announced in the papers. And they planned to enlarge their engagement photograph.
Mr. Loewi was a geography professor. His teaching method marked a new epoch in education. His students welcomed him with enthusiasm. They often waited for him at the entrance of school. His best essay entitled him to win a national prize. Also he compiled a dictionary that had over 10,000 entries. He entitled the dictionary "Our environment" . Many people envied his good fortune. But he did believe in equality of opportunity. In fact, Mr. Loewi's most essential quality was kindness. He was in entire agreement with an opinion, that is, the equation of wealth with happiness could be dangerous.They were not equivalents. So he always was enthusiastic about helping others. Last summer, Mr.Loewi led his stu-dents to inspect a mountain at the equator. They prepared enough food. Though it is the computer era, the food is essential to life. Also they put some medicines against an influenza epidemic in an envelope. The entry to the mountain was behind lush trees. They erected their tents there. It was an erroneous choice. They ignored the erosion of the mountain by the volcanic ash! The mountain was different in essence with normal mountains. It was a volcano! The second morning, the volcanic erupted suddenly. To save one student, Mr. Lowei sacrificed his life. The students never could erase the episode from their memories.
Mr. Lamb was a European. On the one hand. he believed the eternal God and everlasting spirit after death. On the other hand, he had learned that man has evolved from the eip and he had great interest in studying the evolution of man. SoMr. Lamb decided to leave Europe for a new continent. In any event his parents would stand by him even if he could not succeed. But they asked him to telephone them in the event of need. It was a hard journey but his ship eventually reached a continent. That was a day of sunshine. The sun evaborated the morning dew. From the esthetic view, it was a beautiful continent. But there was enough evidence to prove it was not a new one. It was evident that Mr. Lamb's search was a failure.Even then he would not admit his mistake. Instead of it, he established a company with a partner. The establishment of the company took one year. The clerks estimated 100 acres of land every day. And they evaluated the clerks' work every day.Quickly, the company accumulated a lot of estates. Profits were to be divided evenly between Mr. Lamb and his parner.But his partner wanted to have money all to himself. Mr. Lamb encountered a terrible murder, at all events he was notkilled. Furthermore, the bad man was punished for his evil acts.
Nora was an excellent gymnast in this country. She granted a reporter an exclusive interview last week. And the reporter told us exactly how she succeeded. He exemplified the achievement of hard work. He didn't exaggerate the fact at all.To enter a famous exclusive training school, Nora sacrificed an excursion and she had to do a lot of exercises to get rid of her excess weight. At first, Nora liked all her teachers with the exception of Mr. Burton. He was exceedingly strict with her.Nora's performance was good, except for a few steps. Mr.Burton exerted a lot of pressure on her. Nora called him exhaust pipe in her heart, but she had to execute his orders. Little by little, Nora exceeded the other students. She never tookan excessive interest in clothes. And her expenditure never was in excess of income. It seemed that she had an excess of energy. In fact,doing exercises all day exhausted her. Nora's diligence had set an example to the others. It was exceptional fora ten-year-old girl to win the national champion. Nora did it. People exclaimed for her victory. The chief executive of the National Sports Executive Committee often exchanged opinions on sports with her. The other gymnasts excluded Nora because of her success. But she kept calm amid all these excitements.
Recently, there was a fossil exhibition at the museum. Many fish fossils were exhibited. Do you know the existence of one kind of fish that would not expire in the air because it couId expel air from lungs? The fossil showed that it began its expansion of territory millions of years ago. All the fossils were exploited by an expedition. There were many experts who had different expertise in the expedition. So the government had an expectation of good results. The research was important, but the expenditure of time and money was also considerable. For example, it was too much of an expense for them to own three helicopters. The experts found a proper mountain. They explored every part of it. After an experimental explosion, one of the experts exploded the gunpowder, an explosive. The explosion was heard a mile away. Several people were injured.The peace breaker could not provide an explicit explanation. In additions his passport was due to expire in two weeks. So he was expelled from the expedition. In spite of many difficulties, the expedition finished the job well.
The rainy weather extended into October. The river flooded extensive areas. From the mountains, people were able to see the full extent of the flood. To some extent, that was man's fault. Man had logged too many trees. This country exported beef to Europe every year. Since the flood contaminated the beef, it sold the beef to the domestic people, keeping the external world from knowing the truth! A reporter had an extraordinary dream one night. An extinct dinosaur came back to life! The next day, the reporter happened to know this beef event. He raised his eyebrows and then extinguished his cigarette. His forehead was wet with sweat then was dry after exposure to the wind. He maintained a calm exterior, though really he was furious. Soon the reporter exposed the whole event. His political views were rather extreme. He said the government officials were living the extravagant lives while the people were eating the contaminated beef. His speech caught everyone's eye. The newspaper extracted several passages from his speech and printed them on the front page. The consumers were angry. They asked for extra compensation. The government thought the reporter was too extravagant. The police kept an eye on him. They monitored his telephone extension. But the reporter insisted on his fight against the government.
When Herbert was young, he often made a face at class. So he fell behind in his studies. One day, he failed to pass an English exam. The boy and his father sat face to face. Herbert fabricated an excuse to escape punishment. He said, "The temperature that day was 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I fainted in the classroom." His voice became faint. His strength seemed to fade after telling the lie. But his plan fell through. His father looked at him, "We are not going to fall out over this, are we? Your words didn't fall in with the truth. In fact, I have fallen in with your teacher today. It is wrong to fall back on lies. As a matter of fact, one must face up to the failures of his life. Ability, health and honesty are factors of succeeds." To facilitate communication, the father told the son a fable about a puppet. Herbert could not remain calm in the face of the truth. He swore to be honest for evermore. He was faithful to his promise. Furthermore, he found he had the faculty to learn languages easily. So after his college life, he joined the faculty of a famous university. There were 5 faculties at the university. The university repaired the fabric of the Teaching Buildings every year. Every telephone was installed a callback facility. Modem educational aids would be used with great facility. The first time Herbert got his salary, he bought a fine fabric for his mother.
Irene had a fancy for fantastical stories since childhood. Anything to do with old myths and legends fascinated her. Every night, her mind gave in to fatigue and she fell asleep. At the age of 25, Irene won her fame by her first novel. Her novel was by far better than that of any other writers in the city. She became the favorite writer in the readers' hearts. They were in favor of her. They were favorable to her ideas. But Irene's father-in-law was constantly finding fault with her. They had so far failed to reach an agreement. Irene was sure that her husband was far from a fool. But he pretended not to see this. He could not overcome his fatal weakness, cowardly character. So Irene longed to travel to places as far as she could arrive. Her judgment was frequently faulty, but her love for her husband was not false. It was a painful farewell. Then, Irene paid the bus fare to the airport. On the airplane, she fastened her seat belt and wondered what she would face. Ladies liked to follow the fashion. But Irene did not. She did not want to go to a fashionable place. In the country she arrived at, thousands of people died of famine. Irene was not really familiar with local laws, which brought some trouble to her. Sometimes she wondered what fate had in store for her next. All the way, she faxed her essays back to the publishing company.
Aleck went to a local federal college. The college charged high fees. At first Aleck enjoyed the fellowship of his classmates. But soon he was fed up with them. Quite a few students laughed at his feminine features. For example, Aleck had a small figure and he was too feeble to practice fencing. But other students often felled him at the fence class for fun. A person who cornered could be the fiercest one. Aleck belonged to a fellowship of revenge. He felt like doing something fearful. He wanted to be a figure known to everyone. He thought out a feasible plan. One night, Aleck fed in the password and then operated the networking computer. Its feedback was quick. He figured out the exact figures of his classmates' credit cards. At a feudal festival, Aleck provided a feast for all of his classmates at home. Slinkingly, he built a fence around the yard to keep them out. Next, he fetched a bag of chemical fertilizer and exploded it! The fence was on fire! Even Aleck's man-made fiber coat caught fire. Aleck took a ferry to escape. He came to the countryside. Anything grew in that fertile ground. It was a fiction. But who could say it would not happen?
One night, a fishery was on fire. At first the dry sticks caught fire then a firm house nearby it flared up in the wind. The great flames flared through the darkness. The owner of the fishery shook his fist at the fire. The wind flapped in his face and his eyes were flashing. He looked as if he was about to flare up. Flashes of lightning illuminated the scene. The firemen came with their fittings. Fortunately, the casualties were finite. But the fishery was confronted with a financial crisis. The repairs to it would be financed by the government. A new fireplace fixture was fixed in the wall. The lake water passed through a new filter before it was piped to the house. For the owner of the fishery, the government offered him a fitting position in a firm. First of all, he should fill in all the blanks on an application for the job. Finally, the police found out the reason of the accident. A boy set fire to a firework, and it burned on the sticks. The police reported its findings after the thorough investigation.
There was a folk story as follows. Edward ran a bakery. His bread had plenty of flavors. And the price of his bread fluctuated according to the people's needs. Both country folks and town folks liked his bread. Every day a flock of customers waited for his store to open. All that came to his bakery should go over a flyover first. They flattered him about his cooking. Edward would flush with embarrassment. Being shy was the only flaw in his character. As a matter of fact, Edward was very fond of cooking and foodstuff. His bakery was flourishing for four reasons. First, he focused his attention on his work. Second, he made bread with the best flour. Third, he had flexible flesh to work well. He folded the dough and then flattened it with his palms. From time to time, he used some cooling fluid to cool the dough. The last reason was, he could speak dialect fluently. One day, Edward caught a flu. He went to the riverbank to relax. The river flowed southwest to the Atlantic. It flushed after the heavy rain. A fleet was seen in the distance. Several branches floated down the river. One of them was locked by the flaw of a stone. Edward picked it up and flung it into the river. He liked to see foam on the river. The frightened fish fled away. The fog closed in so Edward went home.
I read a story recently. Benny got a new job. The contract would remain in force for a period of 3 years. And it came into force last month. Because Benny was a foreigner, his colleagues often made a fool of him. For example, smoking was forbidden in the forge, but they put cigarettes into his pocket. Benny always forgave them. One day the boss announced a competition and its format. Benny would be foremost to enter it. Like his forefather, Benny had the ability to foresee the future. It was important for a factory to formulate the production process. Benny suggested that the boss format the production process, and so forth. The boss approved his proposal after Benny formulated it. It was fortunate to work for a wise boss. Benny forged a new set of forks with great skill. Before the formation of a new idea, he would touch his forehead with his forefinger. On the day of evaluation, Benny went forth to show the samples. He forecasted that at least one of his products would pass the exam. His mother had told him his fortune and she said luck was forthcoming. Benny won the first prize of the competition. He was awarded a fortnight's holiday and 100 thousand dollars. Both holiday and fortune were satisfying, but Benny liked the former better. The foregoing story was by an English writer.
Robert's father worked in a freight company. His mother was a housewife. The family never had friction. To afford to send their son to go to college, the couple spent only a fraction of their earnings. When he was only 3 years old, Robert knew 1/2 and 1/4 are fractions. And now Robert was a freshman at a big university. The foundation of the university took place over 100 years ago. It was famous for its ornate fountain and its attractive forum. The topic recently was the framework of dinosaur fossils. Robert found that several classmates were friends with him on the first day. To be frank, he wanted to make friends with them too. It was winter, but the air in the campus was fragrant because of winter sweets. Breathing it, Robert felt as if he was set free from a cage. Suddenly, he heard some cry, "Help!" It was from the lake. The ice of the lake fractured under the weight of the students skating on it. It was frequent in the winter. And one of them fell into the lake. The other students were frightened by this. Not only did Robert have a powerful frame, but also a warm heart. He dived into the lake. The student was saved but Roberts leg fractured in two places. When his mother heard of this, she dropped the vase on the floor, and it broke into fragments. In a sliver frame on the table, there was a photograph of her son. She was proud of her brave son but could not help crying.
A frog and a squirrel were neighbors. There was a fundamental difference between the two of them. The squirrel was diligent while the frog was lazy. In autumn, the frog made fun of the squirrel's diligence. He said, "Don't make so much fuss over saving your food." The squirrel answered, "I only fulfill my obligation to build up a reserve fund. The main function of it is to help me to get through the winter. If you make a fuss of yourself in fruitful autumn, you will regret it in the cold winter." The frog frowned at her words and became furious. So he left without a goodbye. The winter came. The squirrel had no expensive furniture, but she had a furnace to keep her warm. Furthermore, she had a beautiful fur overcoat. Her house furnished everything that was needed for one's life. For example, the fuse-box was in the kitchen. Coal was used as fuel. Fried pine nuts were prepared for her dinner. On the contrary, the frog went to and fro on the frontier, looking for something edible. The ground was covered with frost. The terrible weather frustrated his hopes of finding food. He was too tired and hungry to walk any further.The next day, he was found dead, frozen. The squirrel attended the frog's funeral and felt very sorry for him.
Mr. Adams's pictures about the Galaxy were shown in a famous gallery. He was a genius and he won his fame very early. And it was generous of him to contribute a lot of money every year. The lamps of the gallery were full of gaseous neon, which made the light colorful. The opening ceremony was the biggest gathering of the season. A galaxy of artists attended it. All of them wore in nice garments. At the same time, a gang of gays was on the way to the gallery. In general, there was a generation gap between the gays and their parents. Furthermore, some people regarded them as garbage. This hatred was generated by prejudice. In fact, one could not generalize a conclusion from a few facts. Studies showed that a person's *** intention was decided by his or her genes. Fortunately, a new opinion was being generalized in this regard. That is, the ethics should be geared to the society's needs. These men were gay at the thought of seeing the show when suddenly a gear of the generator was broken. They gambled to drive the car to the garage for repair before their gasoline had been used up. A worker fixed their car and added 2 gallons of fuel to their car by using a gauge. Soon, the car galloped along the road again like a horse. Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the gallery, gasping for breath. All of the people including Mr. Adams gazed at them with surprise. But as a genuine gentleman, he welcomed them sincerely.
The school was said to be haunted by a giant ghost. A student did encounter it. The news got around quickly. Somebody did not see what the student got at, so he got down what he saw to get his encounter across. "That evening, after I got through my geometry examination, I got around to doing my geography homework. That was the duty I could not get out of. I got down to some geographical questions. However, I have more interest in geology. And I will get around to explore more places. Ok, I get back to the subject. My homework was getting along much better. Somebody called my name, and I saw a ghost getting in the classroom while gesturing at me! I got off the classroom as quickly as I could. It was surprising that the ghost moved aside to let me get by. I climbed to the top of a tree. The ghost could not get at me, so he waited. How on earth did I get into such a ridiculous situation? I knew I could not let the ghost get the better of me. If only I could get out of my timidness, I would feel better. I managed to get over my fear then got through to the police with my mobile phone. The police car came soon. The policemen got off the car. They got together under the tree. The ghost got away. Then I could get down from the tree. I went home. I got a cold that night. Colds are spread by germs. I got over my illness very slowly."
It was winter morning. The rising sun looked liked an orange globe. It glittered in the gigantic sky. Its light glared on the ice. The skaters glided gracefully over the ice. Charles glorified the glorious scene. There was a glow of health in his face. He put on his gloves then went to work. Charles was a gifted technician. He was a glory of his profession. No one knew he was a business spy. He didn't give himself away so far. The secretary gave out newspapers. He glanced at the headlines in it. Then he saw one of them, "It was criminal to give away business secrets!" Charles glared at the newspaper, feeling gloomy about his future. Though the air-conditioner gave off warm air, he felt cold. A glimpse of his face would tell you that he was worried. He gave back the newspaper to the secretary. Finally, Charles gave in. He gave up his criminal mind. His evilness gave way to his conscience. He made up his mind to give himself up. So he wrote a letter and then glued a stamp onto the envelope. Next, he sent it to the police.
Mr. Carson was a governor of M state. He went in for governing. He used to be a military officer. In a battle, a bomb went off just behind him but he survived. The state went for Democrats. Two years ago, the state went through a test. Schistosomiasis was popular in M state. A female doctor went deeply into it. She went through many documents then invented a kind of medicine that was good for it. She managed to go without others' help. Somebody gossiped that she grabbed at the opportunity of becoming famous. But in fact she did it out of the goodness of her heart. There were enough medicines to go around. So schistosomiasis had been wiped out for good in M state. To appreciate the doctor, Mr. Carson visited her, and two assistants went along with him. He wore a new tie to go with his suit. The police examined their car and allowed them to go ahead. The doctor was a graceful woman. She went for classical music. Also, she went in for playing golf. She played golf as good as a professional. She even went for the golf championship that year. They talked and Mr. Carson knew something about her father. The doctor's father had no head for business, and he went under. He had gone off to Edinburgh. The candle had gone out and Mr. Carson said goodbye to the doctor. But he had made his mind to go after her. He was not the sort of man who would go back on his word. Two years went by, and they married.
Davy was a Greek. He was a graduate of Athens University. He learned a lot of things in the university. For example, the grammar teacher stressed grammatical rules in each lesson. The physics teacher drew a graph to explain gravity. Davy made progress gradually. The commencement was held in the grand hall. That was the gravest occasion Davy had ever taken part in. Each graduate behaved with gravity at it. The gracious principal made a speech. His hair had turned gray, so he put grease on it to make it shiny. Davy was assigned to the countryside. He was granted many privileges to cultivate crops. At that time, corn was the most important grain in his village. But the greedy birds kept eating it. It seemed that they took it for granted. The peasants could not bear wasting a grain of rice. To solute the problem, Davy cultivated a new kind of corn which the birds disliked its taste. The peasants were grateful to him for what he did. To show their gratitude, they gave him a big basket of grapes. A girl gave him a gold necklace of ten grams to express her love. If Davy's mother knew it from the grave, she would feel happy for him.
A grocer built up a greenhouse nearby a gulf. On the day the greenhouse was open to the public, the grocer greeted the guests at the door. The greeting to all the guests took more than half an hour. His wife ground coffee beans for the guests. The smell greeted every one. All of the guests spent a wonderful day. But that night, the greenhouse caught fire. The frightened wife gripped her husband's arm. It grieved them to see the greenhouse burning into ashes. The couple groaned in pain. They should be certainly on guard. The gross of the damage was 50 thousand dollars. The next day, the arsonist was arrested at a gymnasium. He was a guy who chewed gum all the time. His language and behavior were gross. He exploded the gunpowder for fun but it caused the fire. The arsonist was only 14. He wasn't grown-up. He needed some guidance in his growth, but his parents died years ago. Having known everything, the grocer gave up the prosecution. Instead of this, he wanted to adopt the boy! Then the boy felt guilty. He gave his guarantee that he would never do bad things again.
Mr. Arnold was a man who hewed to the line. He had his haircut once a month. He had his habitual breakfast, hamburger and ham sandwich every morning. That morning, it hailed heavily. Mr. Collins, a neighbor lived close at hand, asked his help. His daughter was boxed up in the forest. Mr. Arnold was hampered by a difficulty. He didn't have his useful tools on hand expect a hammer made by hand. But the custom of helping each other had been handed down in that village. So he promised to handle the situation. On the one hand Mr. Arnold invited a handful of villagers, on the other hand he called the police. They would act hand in hand. Every villager handed in an application to express his determination. The villagers handed on the girl's photographs. Mr. Arnold handed out the handbooks to everyone. He asked them to read the handout carefully. The police came and Mr. Arnold handed over command of the action. Then they set out. From time to time, they halted for a rest because Mr. Collins was handicapped by his eyesight. They had the situation well in hand. An hour later, they found the girl's handkerchief. The success was on hand. They soon found her! The whole village hailed the returning heroes! Christmas was at hand, the girl recovered. She brought a handful flowers to Mr. Arnold.
Jacob loved his wife very much. His tastes were in harmony with hers, which brought them into harmony. They ran a hardware store weekdays. On weekends, they hatched chickens or went hunting for hares. The harvest of crops was bad that year because of the flood. The government ordered to harness the fiver. Many men including Jamb volunteered to help. They stayed on the riverbank day and night. Their homes were quite handy, but everyone hung on to their work. Hardly anybody left his post. Two month later, Jacob hardly finished his work when he hastened home. But he was shocked to see that his wife was with an escaped criminal! "Harboring criminals is an offence in law!" Jacob said to his wife. She looked at him with hatred, "I want to divorce you." He said to his wife, "It is harmful for you to make a hasty decision. I will give you some more time." He left home in haste. Jacob found a job on a harbor. He hauled the fish into the boat everyday. It was a hateful job. But a strong man would bear hardship without complaining. Life on a boat had hardened him. At night, Jamb hung about at the harbor. There was a handy place for the telephone. He wanted to call his wife, but always hung back. One night, he did call. A man answered the phone, "Hang on, she is coming. Darling, your call." Jacob hung up the phone. His heart was broken.
One morning, I cast a glance at the headlines of the newspaper. And a heading attracted my attention, A Hero! Last Sunday, the headquarters of the Fire Department received a call from a village. A heap of hay caught fire! The firemen had their uniforms on then headed for the village. Every fireman must get the rules by heart. One of the rules was to serve the people heart and soul. Victor remembered this by heart. His manners were rough, but he was a kind man at heart. A couple had lost their heads, "Good Heavens! Our daughter was in the room! Oh, if she had died, may her soul rest in heaven!" Victors hearing was as good as a hawk, so he heard this. The fire burned head on. But Victor was a man who never lost heart. He kept his head in any case. The couple saw him rush into the fire! Victor hazarded his life to save the child. But when he got acrossthe hedge, he hurt his heel. After this action, Victor had gotten to stay at home for a period of time. When he was healthy again, the couple invited him to a dinner. They gave him a hearty welcome. And they had a hearty meal together.
Fred was the only heir of his father's heritage. A herd of buffaloes was a part of it. There was a strict hierarchy in his family. Only sons could be heirs. Some gangsters kidnapped Fred. His life had been hell since. They even forced him to take heroin. The gangsters hijacked a helicopter. They planned to fly to a highland in the Western Hemisphere. The police sent a team to stop them, They drove motorcycles on the highway to chase the helicopter, All of the policemen wore helmets to protect themselves. The chase was the highlight of the whole event. A policewoman shot at the helicopter. The hind wheel of it was shot down. And its door was off the hinges. That hindered the helicopter from heightening further. The gangsters had to land. And the police captured them successfully. The sad gangsters said that they would not do it henceforth. Saving the hostage's life was a heroic act. The policewoman was a heroine in Fred s eyes. He could not help falling in love with her. Both of them sat on a grassy hillside, Fred hesitated to speak. His hesitation nearly cost him the chance. Finally, he slowed down to highlight his point, "We have no chance to meet each other hence, But I'd like to see you every day." There was a subtle hint in his words. The policewoman smiled. She agreed to see him again without hesitation.
An honorable historian studied historical events and people. His book opened up new horizons for people. His hobby was to collect homogeneous animals' horns home and abroad. The horns were holy to him. November 20, 1978 was a historic day for the historian. He got married and began his honeymoon on the sea. The weather forecast said horrible weather was coming. His wife was filled with horror at the news. But the historian made his choice and he would hold on to the end. When danger came, he would not hold back. He was on his honor to ensure her safety. She was sure of his honesty. So the sailors hoisted the flags and set sail. From the third day, it rained. The rain held on. The ship held out against strong wind and big waves. The food supplies held out for a week. The voyage had been held up by the horrible weather. Three days later, the sun appeared above the horizon. The historian drew a horizontal line on the date to remember it. His wife caught fish with fishhooks for fun. The next adventure they took was to go across the African jungle. But the thieves held up their truck and took everything in it. Only a hollow lamp holder was left. The searching team did not find the couple. Whether they were alive or not, this was a riddle hitherto unknown. That year, the country set up a holiday in honor of the historian.
Mr. Dewey and Mrs. Dewey had a small hut. They were a couple of nice humanity. The host was humorous. He had a great sense of humor. The hostess was humble. She kept house well. Every morning, she hosed the flowers in the garden. They had a dog named horsepower. The whole household worked very hard. Their hospitality left all of the guests a very good impression. It was humid that evening. The hut was not comfortable because of the high humidity. Mr. Dewey hungered after a cup of hot coffee and Mrs. Dewey had a hunger for a sunny day. Just then, three strangers came in. Horsepower was hostile to them. Mr. Dewey made three hypotheses, but only proved ,one. That is, they were bandits! The bandits kept them as hostages. They frightened the couple saying that they had a hydrogen bomb! Mrs. Dewey cried hysterically. Horsepower rushed out of the hut. Mr. Dewey wished the police would hurry up and come. With the help of the dog, the police did. come in a hurry! They saved the couple. Mr. Dewey hugged his wife. They would never forget, that night!
Joseph and his mother lived in a house built in imitation of a Roman Villa. His appearance was identical to his mother, Anyone could identify that he was her son. The identification was quite easy. It would be ideal if only Joseph was not a deaf mute. He was an illiterate child, i.e. he was ignorant. It seemed that the boy liked to idle away his time. He often ate icy ice-cream for an hour! It was illegal to discriminate against disabled people. But such things happened everyday. Joseph's mother ignored others’ scoffing. In her eyes, Joseph was a boy of rich imagination. She gave us an illustration. Joseph liked books full of illustrations. Though all the characters in the books were imaginary, he liked them so much. He even could imitate them perfectly. One night, Joseph's mother was woken up by her son. Joseph approached a firework to ignite it. The firework illuminated the night sky. Then, Joseph gave his mother a picture. It was her image! He drew it for her! Oh, you can imagine how surprised his mother was. She hugged her son immediately. You would not believe it, but it was true that Joseph became an imaginative artist later.
In the 1950s, many immigrants from other countries came to this country. They immersed themselves in work. This caused a notable impact on the local economy. The impact impaired the power of the imperialistic country. The newspapers became impatient at first. It incited the government to impose tax on all of the immigrants. None of them would be immune. It also said that some immigrants should be imprisoned because they had seized an immense amount of money from the local people. The implication of its statement was to give the immigrants an implicit threat. The immigrants seemed to be immune to the threat. Comparing the threat to a kind of disease, they were immune to it. But silence didn't imply consent. The President recognized the importance to improve on the relationship between the two sides. He was a person who was rather impartial. So the people had implicit trust in him. He said, "We cannot do improper things on an impulse. It is impossible to impose our wishes on somebody else. The government is implementing a new policy to help the unemployed. Next we will import more scientific implements to improve our work efficiency." The impressive speech by the President gave the people an impetus to reunite the country.
Last year, Mr. Hardy's factory incorporated with a chemical plant. The workers' job was to remove impurities from the silver. Mr. Hardy's income had increased 200 % over the last year. Incidentally, it didn't include his new house. That was incredible. His high cost of living index incurred a prosecutor's suspicion. What was the incidence of the tax? Why was Mr. Hardy's office inaccessible to anyone else? His investigation was indicative of his interest in this problem. And his independent thinking helped him to find the truth. The index to the factory's accounts indicated that Mr. Hardy defalcated. The workers were inclined to believe him innocent. But the fact became increasingly apparent. Mr. Hardy was a grafter indeed. Mr. Hardy was totally incapable. He did not fulfill his individual responsibility at all. An indispensable trial was held. There were fifty people present, inclusive of some workers. Mr. Hardy's explanation was inadequate. His manner was very indifferent. The workers were indignant. To their indignation, he had cheated them. After the trial, Mr. Hardy stayed indoors for a whole afternoon. Then he drove his car out. The road he took had a deep incline. His car rolled over then exploded. The incident remained very clearly in the witnesses' minds.
  去年,哈迪先生的工厂与一家化工厂合并了。工人们的工作是去掉银金属里的杂质。哈迪先生的收入去年增加了 200%。顺便提及,这还不包括他的一幢新房。那是不可思议的。他的高生活消费指数招致了一名检察官的怀疑;税收发生在谁身上?为什么哈迪先生的办公室其他任何人都达不到?他的调查暗示了他在这个问题上的兴趣。而他的独立思考帮助他找到事情真相。工厂账目的索引表明哈迪先生贪污。工人们倾向于相信他是无辜的。但事实日益明显。哈迪先生实际上是个贪污犯。作为一个董事来说,哈迪先生完全无能。他根本没有履行他个人的职责。必不可少的审讯举行了。有50人在场,包括一些工人在内。哈迪先生的解释很不充足。他的态度又非常冷淡。工人们很愤慨。让他们愤慨的是他欺骗了他们。审讯之后,哈迪先生在室内待了整整一个下午。然后他开车出去了。他走的那条路有一个很陡的斜坡。他的车子翻转然后爆炸了。这场事故深深印在目击者的脑海里。
This country was an industrial country. The industry was beginning its initial prosperity. The western city was a highly industrialized area. Mr. Spencer worked in a factory there. Because he believed success came from industry, he was very industrious. He had an inherent interest in induced current and in the induction field. Mr. Spencer developed an infrared medical tool. He inferred from the market survey that it had great market value. Mr. Spencer informed his boss of the important information. His boss was rather influential in the government circles. Though the boss worried the inevitable inflation could influence the factory, he encouraged his inferiors to produce the new product. Even though hard work induced tiredness; Mr. Spencer had no feeling of inertia. No one could induce him to leave his office except his son, a lovely infant, Mr. Spencer researched the ingredients of the infant's food. He kept his son from the infectious flu. He taught him the initial letter of the word "London" was L. Teaching infants took infinite patience. Fortunately, his son inherited the father's' ingenious mind. Sometimes they drove out to a hill. The car would move faster and faster down the hill because of inertia. And the boy often broke into an infectious laugh. The family lived a district thickly inhabited. The inhabitants there all liked this little boy.
An incident happened in an inland town. An innocent child died oddly in an inn. His mother was injured badly too. A doctor injected the drug into her arm to help her calm down. Since no other people were present, the mother was suspected. The suspicion was a severe injury to her heart. Losing the son caused instability of her mood. An inspector was sent to inspect it. He was a man of deep insight. He inquired the way of a local person. Upon inquiry, he learnt that the inn was near an inlet. The police had blocked the inlet to the inn. A policeman took the inspector to an inner room. He inserted the key into the lock then opened it. The inspector saw the woman. She insisted on her innocence. The inspector's inner feelings told him that she was innocent. The woman said that on that night they were sleeping when innumerable insects flew into the room. Then she lost her consciousness. The inspector inputted the information of the insects into a computer. He found out that the insect was the killer! It was a kind of poisonous insect. To avoid more tragedies, the inspector initiated an innovation. He was the initiative person of the innovation. His wife was a constant inspiration to him. Inspired by the lamp, the inspector installed an electrical installation to attract that kind of insect. Once it touched the installation, it would die.
Mr. Edwards worked as an instructor in a medical institute. As a scientific institution, the institutions there were strict. The integrity and high intelligence were integral parts of a good intellectual. Mr. Edwards never insulted his students. Instead of, he treated them as friends. He taught the students how to integrate theory with practice. For instance, rubber was used to insulate electrical wires. He taught the students to make the insulator. His method of instruction was most suitable. Since the medical instruments were insufficient, the institute imported some. All the goods were received in- tact. The instructions were in the boxes. Mr. Edwards's class got a new instrument. Mr. Edwards was drinking a cup of instant coffee at that time. Hearing of this, he came back to the classroom instantly. Then he saw a student was going to touch a red button on the instrument. Mr. Edwards acted on instinct to run towards him. He intended to stop the student. But it was too late. The instrument exploded. Mr. Edwards made an instantaneous decision. He covered the student with his own body. After the explosion, the instrument was still there, but not in its integrity. Furthermore, Mr. Edwards was injured. The insurance company insured him. Mr. Edwards was insulated because of his sickness. All the students missed him.
Nowadays, the international situation is rather intricate. All things are interacted on each other. In the period that intervened April 1 and November 1 last year, two countries invaded each other at intervals. The people in these two countries heard intermittent gunshot day and night. The pain in the people's hearts increased in intensity. It was not right for any country to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. So the United Nations had to intervene. It introduced a diplomat to those two countries. The diplomat was on intimate terms with the leaders of both sides. He was a person who could tell things accurately by intuition. Before leaving, the diplomat reapplied for his passport because his former one was invalid. An intense young interpreter accompanied him. The young man had passed the intermediate level exam of English. In an interior city, both sides' leaders interviewed the diplomat. At the meeting, the diplomat made an interesting speech. His speech was interrupted by applause at intervals. The two countries had the intention of peace. The problem was solved by intensive efforts! A friendly intercourse was rebuilt between the two countries. The interior trade in both countries boomed again.
Freedom is invaluable for any country. So the invasion from an enemy country irritated an Italian scientist. He invested all his money in inventing a new kind of weapon that could work by itself. The experiment involved irregular ion movement theory and isotope theory. The scientist had to have the work done, irrespective of the cost. No one except his mother could visit his laboratory without invitation. His mother ironed his shirt for him every morning. On the day that the Italian scientist completed his invention, he smiled. His smile showed his inward happiness. The investment was regarded enough. The war situation was inverted and the invaders were defeated. A joint communique of truce was issued on June 5 that year. There were 102 items on it. Since the weapon sold well, the scientist earned a lot of money. Thus he was involved in trouble. The government began to investigate his invisible earning. Taxation was the main issue in the investigation. The scientist was isolated in a special room. The investigation was all right in itself but it went on too long. Five months later, the scientist was acquitted.
Pete's parents divorced when he was studying at a junior middle school. Pete gave up his study. To earn money, he put on sport jacket and then danced jazz in the street. But his income only could afford a jar of orange juice. He felt jealous of rich people, especially a Jewish woman. She was a jolly woman. Every one could see the joy in her smiling face. But Pete though she had a proud jaw only because she wore jewelry! Some guys taught Pete to speak jargon and how to steal! One night, Pete went jogging and he saw the Jewish woman walk alone! He robbed of her jewel! The woman defended herself with a knife. She cut his wrist so badly that blood jetted out. Pete fled in a hurry. On the way, he hurt his ankle joint. Pete tried to leave on a jet plane. But it was late. He was arrested and put into a jail. The police knew that his motive was jealousy. But in the name of justice, all men should be equal before laws. Nothing could justify Pete's robbery. The jury passed judgment on Pete. He was judged guilty. A journalist heard of Pete's story, he wanted to interview him. As a journalist of a famous journal, he journeyed frequently. He drove a car to the jail. But he was held for an hour in a traffic jam. The traffic jam happened at a highway junction. In the car, the journalist began to think what caused Pete to be a criminal.
Mr. Hughes was cleaning a keyboard in the kitchen when the telephone rang. It was from his daughter's kindergarten. The kid was kidnapped when she was flying the kite! Mr. Hughes kept down his voice to answer the phone. His wife was knitting. He kept the news back. Mr. Hughes asked the "Flying Tiger team for help. This team was known as the best team in the police office. Every team member had enough knowledge to keep a hostage from being killed. The kidnappers asked for ransom. The Flying Tiger set out. Mr. Hughes kept up with them. Their car kept up high speed for several kilometers before they arrived. A policeman knotted the pieces of string together then he climbed up the house. Another one turned the doorknob but it was locked. So he gave the door a kick then knocked it down. The gunfight began. A kidnapper poured one or two kilogram kerosene on the floor from a kettle. He fired it. But the fire could not keep back the policemen. They kept off the fire and kept on moving on. A policeman shot at the kidnapper. The latter tried to keep out of the way of the bullet but it still hit his kidney. He knelt down on his knees. One by one, all the kidnappers were knocked out. Mr. Hughes turned on a lamp of 1 kilowatt. He was keen on seeing his daughter. His daughter was alive! The next week, Mr. Hughes kept to his promise. He took his daughter to the park, Animal Kingdom.
A diligent lad worked at a laboratory. The lab largely produced laser instruments. The lad's job largely was to label the laser instruments. He liked his job at large and worked hard. He did not even rest on Labor's Day. In his mind, hard work was a ladder to success. One evening, as usual, the lad turned off the lamps in the ladies' room and men's room. Then he laced up his shoes and went home. He lived in an inn. It was a nice inn except for the cold landlady and the boring landlord there. The landlady always wore a dress with delicate lace. The lad carried a lantern because the lane he took was dark. On the way, he heard something. He looked back then found a lamb. The lamb was lame in its lap. It seemed to lack good care. The lad did not know the animal's language, but he touched it softly. At last the lad decided to adopt it even though he adopted a lark lately. The lamb followed him. It lagged behind because of its lame lap, so from time to time the lad waited for it to catch up with him. The landlady and the landlord would return by plane that night. Fortunately, the plane's landing was delayed because of fog. Thus the lad could hide the lamb in time.
Mr. Dawson used to be a Latin teacher and live on an island of 30 degrees north latitude. Once he found his latent abilities he left the island by ship. The ship launched on a nice day. Mr. Dawson and his wife moved into a new apartment. The wife employed a company to lay out the apartment. The company changed the layout completely. Later Mr. Dawson became a lawyer. Recently, he worried about a case of lead poisoning. There were several layers of inside stories in this case. Mrs. Dawson laid the baby down quietly and said to her husband, "Why don't you lay off for a while until your mind is fresher? Let's have tea on the lawn." The latter agreed with her. He laid that case aside then he went to the lavatory to wash his face. To relax himself, Mr. Dawson began to laugh and his laughter could even be heard in the next room. After that, he laid down a plan of action. He took a leaf out of the notebook to write it down. First of all, Mr. Dawson laid off one of his assistants because he was a hidden spy. Then he distributed leaflets to the other assistants to explain the action program. Under Mr. Dawson's leadership, the team worked well. He played a leading role. The day before the trail, Mr. Dawson sent his best suit to the laundry. The laundry came back the next morning. Mr. Dawson walked into the court from a lateral door. He was very confident.
When Mr. Mill was young, his purpose in learning was to be a teacher. Now he was a learned professor. That morning, Mr. Mill had lean pork and lemon tea as breakfast. Then he put on his leather gloves to go to the classroom. The classroom was 25 feet in length and 20 feet in width. He would have a legal lecture this time. Until then did Mr. Mill realize that he had left his textbook behind in the office. But he did not seem to be in the least nervous. He leant on the chair and began his lecture at leisure. He explained the legal rights of the people at length. Nothing was left out. The topic lent itself to discussion. After discussion, the students came to understand it at length. Before the class was over, Mr. Mill asked the students if they were at leisure these days. He suggested them read at least one book on the legal rights. A student noticed Mr. Mill's left leg was lame. Mr. Mill answered, "I am a member of the School Football League. In my last match, I tried to leap a linebacker. I wanted to create a legend but I hurt my leg. Please don't leak the news. You are in league with me. OK? Your leakage will damage my reputation!'' Mr. Mill made a face. All the students laughed.
A liberal librarian should be liable for the library's safety. Mr. Hall was a high level qualified librarian. He had his license for 10 years. The days started to lengthen in March. Mr. Hall spent more time in the library. After work, he used lens to make telescopes. One afternoon, he heard some steps. He followed then found no less than three books were stolen. Mr. Hall moved a lever to close the door first. Then he chased the thief, frightening him at the same time, "Stop or I will let off the gun!" He caught the thief with a cord but was surprised to find it was a boy. The boy cried, "Let go of my hand!" Mr. Hall let out the cord to let the boy loose. The boy let down his fist. His fear had already lessened. Mr. Hall let the boy in his office. The boy spoke in whisper lest Mr. Hall would blame him. He said he had not enough money for food, let alone books. Mr. Hall let out a sigh. He had a liberal mind. Compared with stealing money, stealing book was the lesser evil. He said to the boy, "If you are a liar, you will let me down. Every one is liable to error when he is poor. I let you off this time. You hold no liability of damages." Mr. Hall liberated the boy from fear The boy gained his liberty. To his surprise, the liberal librarian even gave him some money! The boy left with grateful tears.
Diana was a chemical teacher. She taught her students something like lime could be obtained by burning limestone. One night she saw a dog lie under a tree when she was passing by. It was too weak to lift its limp paws. It was likely to be hurt by the fallen limb. Diana knew her limitations. In the light of her mother's comments, her love had no limit. In fact, there was much likeness between her mother and her. Diana held the dog in her arms. The dog licked her hand. Its head touched her shoulder lightly. Diana went to a hospital. Only a limited number of hospitals were available to animals. A full moon lightened their path to the hospital. The doctor said the problem lied in its forelimb and it would not die. Diana's heart lightened when she heard it. Two weeks later, the dog could walk with a limp. One day, there was some likelihood of rain. In a lift, Diana met a man who asked her if she had a cigarette lighter. The man approached her and suddenly he took out a dagger, "Give me your purse!" Just then, the dog jumped at a lightning speed. It bit his wrist. The man cried and rushed out of the lift. Diana would remember this during her lifetime. The dog cast light on her of its love. The dog never lied, and it even saved her from danger. When they returned home, to reward the dog, Diana lifted the lid of the lot and took out a big bone for him.
A literary man lived on writing. His penname was Lion. The readers felt a little difficult to understand his literature literally. His language was living and changing all the time. But little by little, they were in line with his opinion. Lion lived up to what readers expected of him. Before he wrote a new novel, he listed all the things he had to do. Liquor was the most important thing. He thought there was a link between drinking liquor and writing literature. Liquor was a kind of liquid food to him and made his mind lively. He loved the feeling from the liquor kissed his lips. Lion lingered round the bar all the night. During the past 10 years, he gained quite a little knowledge about liquor. About his health, the doctor said it was just a touch of liver. He still drank 1 liter of liquor every morning. After that, he put on a shirt made of linen. Next he began to write in the living-room. It would last a long time until he finished the novel. Then he would take an air liner to another city for travel. In the airport, the passengers lined up in a "1" formation. Once Lion even saw several birds fly in line when he was in an airplane.
Three years ago Mr. Nelson went to another town that was at longitude 24 degrees east. It was a good location to earn some money. Having looked into the file, Mr. Nelson was accepted to be a locomotive engineer in the local railway station. Every day, after other workers finished loading up logs, he began to work. Mr. Nelson could not go home often. He only looked in his family when the train passed by his hometown. His wife looked after their daughter well. Mr. Nelson liked to look back on the time he spent with his daughter. He looked on her as treasure and missed her for long. He promised to tell her a story recorded in a ship log next time. As long as Mr. Nelson was gone, he felt lonely. Loneliness made him a logical thinker. He seldom spoke, which caused the others to look down on him. But he did not care. He was sad no longer because he would see his daughter before long. His longing had been awakened. He had been looking forward to the exciting moment. Mr. Nelson asked his boss for a loan of 50 dollar to buy a gift for his daughter. He put the gift into his locker and locked it. That night, Mr. Nelson ate a loaf of bread then lodged at the lobby of the railway station. The lodging was not comfortable but he had a good dream.
Mr. Parker was a lord whom everyone looked up to. He had a lumber mill. Every morning, he used a lorry to carry the lumbers to the railway station. In the lounge of the railway station, there were signs everywhere warning people to look out for their luggage. But Mr. Parker did lose his that morning. The loss would cause much trouble. When he was at a loss, he was lucky to hear a nice voice from a loudspeaker announcing that his lost luggage was found. Mr. Parker went to the lost and found office. He saw a lovely woman. Her wavy hair fell in loose loops upon her shoulder. Mr. Parker fell in love with her at once. He was so nervous that he lowered his head and loosened his tie. From then on, Mr. Parker lubricated the wheels of her bike every day. He looked up the most affecting words in the dictionary to write essays. He asked the woman to look over the essays written for her. She looked through them and handed them back without comments. Mr. Parker did not give up. One day the woman told him that she was afraid because she felt a lump in her left lung. Mr. Parker spent the most difficult time with her. He was entirely loyal to her. They became lovers after she recovered. According to the lunar calendar, they would marry during the spring festival. The woman objected to luxury on their marriage and Mr. Parker agreed with her.
A Madam lived in a magnificent palace. The magnitude of the palace was unbelievable. The Madam had no idea of machinery but she was mad for make-up. Like a magnet attracted nails, make-up attracted her. In this macroscopic world, nothing else interested her. The Madam majored in make-up skills. Every morning, she made out a list of fashion magazines and make-ups. She ordered her maids to buy them. At first the purchase team was made up of two maids. Finally, eight maids made it up . Did make-up make for looks? Yes, Make-up could make up for a lack of beauty. It was a magician who played magic. Make-up was necessary to maintain the Madam's looks. Her good looks were mainly from make-up. The majority of her acquaintances thought the make-up magnified her beauty 10 times. So the Madam thought she got the magnetism she wanted. But her husband did not think she was magnetic as she hoped. Every time when he came back from the mainland, he hardly made out his wife. He shook his head and made for the study. The Madam could not make it out whether it was praise or criticism.
Yesterday, I read a novel in manuscript. Mr. Reid majored in marine geology at college, but he worked in a firm that manufactured marble handicrafts. Manufacturing handicrafts required manual skills. Mr. Reid was a manager. He managed his department well. Lately, his boss wanted to open up new markets in the Far East. He sent Mr. Reid to there. All the way, the team met a good many difficulties. First, for many a day it rained, thus the team marked time. Then the motor of their truck malfunctioned. Mr. Reid made notes in the margin of a manual. His manly manner manifested itself in times of need. He manipulated the matter very well. The team marched on. Under his leadership, the team reached the goal successfully. Mr. Reid met a beautiful girl there. At first, he did not intend to marry. But the girl's virtues touched him. They got married. For Mr. Reid, marriage was for life. The country where he was staying was a one that still maltreated women. But Mr. Reid respected his wife very much. As a male, he assumed all his duties he should assume.
A mayor was a master of management. He was a mature man. His wife was a mathematics teacher. She was a good mate. Both of them believed in Marxism and materialism. As a matter of fact, they were a perfect match. The mayor had masses of work to do everyday. These days, he was collecting materials for a book on football match. The book would be his masterpiece. Today, he would make a speech at a theatre named Mars. The theatre located in the center of a meadow. The meadow was surrounded by a massive wall. The master of theatre welcomed the guests. No matter who he was, every guest must wipe his dirty boots on the mat before entering the theatre. There were masses of people in the theatre. The theatre held a maximum of seven hundred people. After the mayor's speech, the performance began. All of the actors wore masks. The mayor lit a cigar with a match. Then he enjoyed the marvelous performance.
William was a mechanic.He had obtained the membership of the Mechanic Club.The young man was of medium height for his age.When he was at college,he dropped medicine and took up mechanics even though he had earned a medical medal.That year,in memory of a famous politician,the citizen set up a memorial near the Medeiterranean.But its mechanism needed some mending.William was assigned to mend it.He must finish the work before National Day by all means.The remnant time was measurable.William measured the mechanical power of the mechanism.He thought that chould be done by mean of electricity.Electric power traveled through the medium of wire.He found the solution.William's boss was so mean that he only paid him three meals a day.But William did not care.From the first day,he notice a girl watching him.He mended the mechanism,meantime(meanwhile),she watched him.William was by no mean stupid.He knew something happened.His life had new meaning.One day,the girl gave William an ice-cream.Though the sun melted it quickly,his heart was full of happiness.
  威廉是名技工。他已经取得技工俱乐部的成员资格。这个年轻人在同龄人中属中等身高。当他在读大学的时候,他放弃了医学改学了机械学,虽然他已经获得了一枚医学的奖章。那年,为了纪念一名著名的政治家,市民在地中海附近建造了一座纪念碑。但它的机械装置需要一些改进。威廉被派去改进它。他无论如何必须在国庆节之前完成工作。剩余的时间是可以测量的。威廉测量了机械装置的机械功率,他认为可以借助于电力来解决问题。电力通过电线这个媒介物传导。他找到了解决方法。威廉的老板很吝啬,他只付一日三餐饭。但威廉不介意。从第一天起,他就注意到一个女孩在看他。他修理 机械装置,同时,她就再看他。威廉决不愚蠢,他知道有些事情发生了。他的生活有了新的意义。一天,女孩给了威廉一个冰淇淋。虽然阳光很快使它融化,但是他的心里充满了快乐。
A merchant’s merchandise were of high quality. Most countries adopt metric system and so his country did. The merchant sold electrical appliances, such as microcomputer, microphone, microprocessor and microwave ovens. Also, he sold a kind of metal, mercury. One day, when he was using a microscope to watch the microbe, a messenger visited him. The messenger was one of his friends. This time he mentioned his son and began to complain, “My son messed up the house everyday. The whole family was at the mercy of his hands.” The merciful merchant showed mercy to the poor father, “Don’t scold him, he was a mere child. He has his merits. Try a new method, maybe he will listen to your words.” The messenger had better mental outlook. There was a merry smile on his face. He told the merchant, ”The restaurant across the street has fish on menu today. Let’s try it. My treat today.”
Mr. Taylor suffered many mishaps in his life. At college, English was his major and French was his minor. He passed the minor examination but failed the major examination. After a year’s military service, he went to California. Millions of people were mining for gold there. Mr. Taylor sold mineral water first then he ran a mine. His mine collapsed in an accident. Rebuilding the mine would cost a minimum of one million dollars. To minimize the damage, Mr. Taylor sold his mill and his milky furniture. His wife comforted him, ”Never mind! We can get through it. ” The whole family migrated to another country. That country included 35 national minorities. The new place had a very mild weather. In winter, the lowest temperature was minus three degrees and the snow on the earth was no more than five millimeters. Mr. Taylor put a miniature map of the World on the wall. He said to himself, “You have to succeed. Have this in mind.” Mr. Taylor made up his mind to be engaged in politics. He bore his lesson in mind. He won this time. Mr. Taylor was elected Minister of Resource. He would take charge of the Resource Ministry. Only a small minority voted against him. Totally he got 20 minus signs. Mr. Taylor defeated his mighty competitors. His wife stood in the midst of the crowd. She felt proud of him.
 Mr. Turner married again and the family lived in a house of moderate size. The moderate mister married by mistake because the new mistress was a witch. In fact, she was a mistress of a devil. Every night, she stared at herself in the mirror and asked who was the most beautiful woman in the world. Mr. Turner had a daughter named Snow. Snow was a model daughter. She never played mischief. But the mistress still mocked at her dressing mode. She did Snow much mischief. The child suffered misfortune, she felt miserable. Finally, she left the house. Her father mobilized a mission to search for the missing girl. But the witch misled them in the mist. When Snow was 15, she was as beautiful as a fashion model. And the mirror told the witch about this. She was angry. After a mock murder, she sent a hunter. The hunter pretended to misunderstand her order. He let Snow go. On a day of a moderate climate, the mistress put some poison into the milk and mixed them up with a spoon. She pretended to be an old woman and tricked Snow into drinking the mixture. The girl moaned a little and went into a coma. A mobile medical team happened to pass by. Snow’s life was saved by a miracle. The angry witch tried to launch a long-range missile this time. The police arrested her in time with Mr. Turner’s help.
The ruler in this country was as monstrous as a monster. He did not know that a molecule is made up of atoms, so he forbade the others to go to school. He installed monitors everywhere to monitor the people. The monetary system became a government monopoly. The ruler was in no mood for thinking of modernization. Every time his subordinates asked to see him, he always answered, “I am watching TV for the moment. I am busy at the moment. Wait for a moment. I will come in a moment.” His subordinates waited and waited but could not see him. One day, the ruler wanted to build a monument to himself. He wasn’t modest at all. A huge mold was modified to build the monument. The moist season set in and the moisture made the builder work harder. The monument was done. The moment the ruler saw it, he cried with momentary excitement. Now he had another ridiculous request. He forced all the ministers to pay homage to the monument monthly! Nobody was interested in his monotonous show, but none of them dared to say that.
Martha wanted to enter Iron People Competition. Her motive was to make some money and a cup on a silver mount. She just mortgaged her house. Her competitors mostly were males. Each player was given 5-pound food at most. Every one must make the most of it. Every one could eat no more than a mouthful food every meal. On the first morning, the sky was a mosaic of blue and white. The players mounted a high mountain. More or less they felt tired. At night, they lied down on the moss to sleep. Mosquitoes and mice visited them. The next day ,they needed to cross a river. It seemed that the mountainous waves would turn the ship over. A man was hurt. Martha suggested they stop to help him. But her motion was rejected. The others thought the situation became more and more urgent. Time lost return no more. Martha had a high standard of morality. Her moral sense let her made a decision. She quit and escorted the wounded man back. She carried the man, walking on the motorway. The motorway was dirty, and moreover, it was dangerous. Their movement was slow.On the way, Martha found a car, but its motor was broken. It took her an hour to fix it. She drove the car to the hospital quickly but the man was dead. His injuroes proved mortal. Even though man is mortal, Martha mourned for the dead friend.
Our town built a cinema recently. In a few weeks, the audiences multiplied tenfold. Last week I saw two movies. One was a musical. The other one was about an ancient Greek myth. This evening, there would be a thrilling movie. After my delicious supper, roast mutton and fried mushroom, I went to the cinema. It rained and the rain turned dust into mud. But a multitude of people had gathered at the gate of the cinema. I could hear someone murmuring in the crowd. The film began on time. It said about a famous musician. He had multiple achievements on music. One night the musician was murdered mysteriously in the municipal museum! Why he went there was a mystery to everybody. His wife was mute on the subject. The police suggested they give mutual support to each other. But she only kept on muttering to herself. At the end of the movie, the big and muscular killer appeared again!
A naval officer was of English nationality. He had served in the English Navy for many years. Once he came back home every time, some naughty boys followed him. They asked him to narrate his exciting navigation. This time , he told them a strange nation. There were two colors in their national flag, namely, blue and white. The native people were nearly naked in summer. It was quite natural for them to do that. They cared naught for it because they didn’t have nasty minds at all. But more and more people would visit that place; there was necessity for them to wear clothes. The situation would necessitate it . To add to their beauty, woman painted their nails and wore wooden necklaces around their necks. The native people had narrow range of interests. They liked to make their houses neat and take a nap in the afternoon. What in nature made the nation attract visitors? The native people were very naïve. They were hospitable by nature.
一名海军军官有着英国国籍.他为英国海军服务多年了.每次他一回家,一些淘气的孩子就跟来了.他们要他叙述他激动人心的航海.这次,他对他们讲了一个奇异的国家.他们的国旗是两色的,也就是,蓝白两色.本地的人们在夏天几乎是裸体的.他们那样做是很自然的.他们毫无在意,因为他们根本就不存在肮脏的念头.但越来越多的人将游览那里, 他们就有穿上衣服的必要性了.形势会使这一点成为必要.为了增添美丽,妇女们涂指甲,在颈脖上戴木制的项链.本地的人们兴趣狭窄.他们喜欢把房子弄整洁,然后下午小睡一阵.本质上这个国家有什么吸引游客呢?本地的人民非常天真.他们天生好客.
Mrs. Watson had a nephew and a niece. They were lovely,nevertheless,they were naughty. But Mrs. Watson never had a negative attitude towards them. And she never neglected their education. She told them nitrogen forms most of the Earth’s air; What’s neutron; the nervous system is the network of nerves in the body. And she told them it was impolite to call back people Negroes. Mrs. Watson always kept neutral when the two children fought. They themselves would negotiate a peace treaty soon. The children nicknamed her “Glasses Aunt” because she wore her glasses all the time. Mrs. Watson was friendly to her neighbors. They greeted each other with a nod. That day, the children spent the afternoon netting butterflies. Mrs. Watson asked them to buy 200 grams net weight of sugar with ten nickels before they went home. A neighbor visited Mrs. Watson. He complained the children made too much noise and damaged his window. Fortunately, the damage was negligible. Mrs. Watson sat on pins and needles. She found the children. The boy was climbing a tree. He was trying to put a bird back into its nest. Glasses Aunt praised their noble deeds, but also she blamed their bad conducts. Neither her nephew nor her niece said anything. Later, the whole neighborhood noticed that the two children acted much better than before.
Mr. Porter was a notable detective. He had been nominated as the police sergeant. Nonetheless, he was only the nominal one. But he did not care. He was pleased to the normalization of relationship between the police and the people. In the northern hemisphere, spring is in March and April. On April 4, the police notified Mr. Porter to follow the tracks of a notorious murderer. Mr. Porter started out notwithstanding the heavy rain. He left before noon to catch the ship in time. And he decided to pay for the nominal fare himself. The ship sailed northward first, then northeast, finally northwest. Everything was absolutely normal. Mr. Porter took out a notebook and wrote down anything he thought noteworthy. He found the murder easily because of the noticeable scar on the latter’s forehead. Mr. Porter subdued him with a gun. Then he called the police. At first, the police did not have a notion of what he meant. They thought what he said was nonsense until they arrived at the ship. They asked him what reward he wanted. Mr. Porter answered that he needed nothing but a few days’ rest.
波特先生是个著名的侦探。他被任命为警长。不过,他只是名义上的。但他不介意。 他很高兴警方和人民之间关系的正常化。在北半球,春天在三四月份开始。4月4号,警方通知波特先生去跟踪一名臭名昭著的杀人犯。尽管天下大雨,波特先生还是出发了。他中午之前动身以及时赶上那条船。并且他决定自己出钱付那微不足道的船费。船已开始向北行驶,接着东北方向,最后是西北方向。一切都非常正常。伯特先生掏出一个笔记本写下他认为值得注意的事情。他很容易找到了那个杀人犯,因为后者的额头上的伤疤非常显而易见。波特先生用一只枪制服了他。然后他告之警方。一开始,警方对他指的什么没有一点概念。他们认为他在废话胡说,直到他们到达了那条船。他们问他想要什么报酬。波特先生回答他们仅仅想要休息几天。
Helen worked at a nursery since last month. The novelty of her surrounding soon wore off. She was not very homesick, only every now and then. As a nurse, Helen had a number of things to do every day. After standing for 8 hours a day, she often felt her two legs became numb. Now that she came here, she fulfilled her duties well. Lovely children made up the nucleus of the nursery. They wore in same clothes made of nylon. They liked to eat nuts, such as cashew nuts and walnuts. Milk was drunk to nourish their bodies. Their bodies needed adequate nutrition. The children had eaten their lunch just now. They were allowed to go nowhere at noon. So they went to sleep. But Helen heard their whispers now and then. Helen liked reading novels in this period of spare time. She was learning many new nouns from novels. Unfortunately, nowadays , children often preferred watching TV to reading numerous books, Helen thought ,what a nuisance that some TV program advocated nuclear war!
  海伦自上个月起就在一家托儿所工作了。环境的新奇感很快就淡化了。她不是很想家,只是偶尔才会。 作为一名护士,海伦每天都有许多事情要做。一天站完8个小时后,她常常感到双腿麻木。既然她来到了这里,她就很好地履行她的职责。可爱的孩子们是托儿所的核心。他们穿着一式的尼龙衣服。他们喜欢吃坚果,比如腰果和核桃。牛奶用来给他们的身体提供养分。他们需要足够的营养。孩子们刚才吃过了午饭。他们中午任何地方都不准去,于是他们就去睡觉。但海伦还是不时地听见他们的耳语。海伦喜欢在这个闲暇时间读小说。她正从小说里学习很多新的名词。不幸的是,现今,孩子们更喜欢看电视而不是读众多的书了,海伦这样想着。而且有些电视节目还鼓吹原子核战争!这是多么讨厌的事呀!
Thomas was a writer by occupation. Thomas was an objective writer. His book was not obscure at all. To write an other good book, he went to a village working there as an occasional worker. The village had been in the occupation of a headman for thirty years. He was an obstinate man. He obliged the villagers to obey his orders. Obedience was an obligation falling on every villager. The villagers were obedient to him. Every order had been observed well. No one made any objection. On occasion, the villagers swore an oath to support the headman. Thomas was there on such an occasion. various objects were put on the table. One of them was an oar. It was made of oak. He observed the oath ceremony carefully. It was obvious that lack of education was an obstacle of their awakening. Thomas objected to this kind of obsolete autarchy. He smoked an occasional cigar. Thinking of the solution occupied most of his free time. Though the headman adopted a policy of obstruction, Thomas led the people to obtain their civil rights. The villagers had succeeded in their main objectives. They were obliged to Thomas for what he had done for them.
  David worked in an oven factory . the outer walls of the factory were painted blue . One day , the boss draw the outline of a new kind of oven on the paper . David advised him over and over not to produce it without an overall market research . the boss’s ability was very outstanding at the outset of his career . But now he had not an ounce of common sense . That was the shortcoming he ought to overcome . But the boss had been cheated by the outward appearance of the market . He overestimated the market demand . the workers wore blue overalls , working day and night . The factory increased the output . But the boss could not find new outlets for their products . The outbreak of price war made the factory run out of money soon . The failure beat the boss out of his courage . David was very sorry with the outcome . He had nothing to do but resign . Anyway , he needed some outdoor activities . He ought to go to outdoors for fresh airs . On a sunny day , David went to the outermost outskirts . He had prepared a camping outfit . The outskirts had a pleasant outlook . The river overflowed its bank . David took off his overcoat since it was warm . It was such nice a day .
Painstaking painter was hired to paint a wall of the palace .A panel would judge his painting a week later. Before work, the painter had collected many pamphlets about the palace.He noticed that the palace’s ceiling had a carved panel. He drew a draft on a pad then began his formal work. His assistant followed him ,carrying a paint pail and a pan. The painter worked so fast that his assistant hardly kept pace with him. Soon, there were three paintings on the wall.One was a merry girl paddled her boat on the Pacific ocean. Another was a person jumped with a parachute .The last one was a giant panda lying under a palm tree. The painter was satisfied with them. He packed his package and took out a packet of cnt looked pale because of panic. The painter was unhappy, I take pains to paint them. Why are you sad? You make my heart painful .” Thus , the assistant panted out the reason. The king once was bite by a panda on the palm
Isaac was paralyzed in both legs at of 10. His teacher had pity on him .Every morning ,she let Isaac read a paragraph from an article in the class. She taught him the parameter of judging grammar accuracy and why more haste ,less speed is a paradox ,the teacher’s partial attitude called forth another student , Jack’s envy . Another naughty boy was his partner .Both of them mocked Isaac that he was a parasite on his parents .Isaac felt discriminated against since childhood .When he grew up .he worked in parliament and he played a part in it ,His parents passed away in an accident .Isaac passed out when he heard the news .Even he knew they were happy in paradise ,the pain in his heart never passed off .From then on ,he participated more actively in all kinds of politics .Last month ,he took part in a parade .The people paraded on the highway .The highway ran parallel to the river, which reminded Isaac the happy swimming time with his parents .Today ,Isaac received a particular postal parcel .It was from his classmate .In it was an apologetic letter. There was not a particle of false in the letter .”Dear Isaac ,pardon our strong language when we were too young .We stress that point in particular .We are all partly to blame .Jack and Tom.”
Abott was doctor . In the past ,he had a passive attitude about life .It was said that he patterned himself on his father’s behavior pattern .He liked to wear jeans that had a patch on the knee .His favorite pastime was patting his kitten’s soft paws .One day ,one of his patients died of cancer ,which awoke Mr . Abott. He read a passage in the Bible for the dead man .From that day on ,Mr.Abott had a passion to invent a new kind of medicine .He had great patience with it . He knew the only passport to success was hard work .On the day he finished the work ,the laborers who worked for him demanded prompt payment .He paid up all he owed .After paying off the laborers .He pasted up the pattern of his invention on the wall. Mr .Abott got a patent for this invention .His patron had great interest in it .He came to visit Mr. Abott by bicycle .The patron came down a path paved with cobblestones .No parking on the pavement .So he had to keep his bicycle in the passage .Mr .Abott was at home alone.His wife put their cattle out to pasture. The patron was quite a patient person.He advised Mr .Abott to sell the patent to him . Mr Abott paused before making the important decision.Finally he decided to contribute his invention to society .He did that to pay back society .His patriotic action raised many people’s admiration
Am telling you about a peaceful peninsula .Most of local people there are peasants .they planted peppers, peanuts and green peas at the foot of the foot of the mountains .The mountain peaks are planted with pear trees and peach trees .To check the trees ,the peasants pedal their bicycles up and down the mountains everyday .The pears and peaches cost 3dollars per kilogram. The pears and the peaches peel easily .There were many pretty pebbles along the coast .The local women use them to make necklaces together with pearls. The pearl and pebble necklaces are a peculiarity of the peninsula .The local people live in thatched cottages .But rainwater cannot penetrate their cottages .The pendulums of the clocks in their cottages are the same ,a bear ! That is their mascot .When one gets sick ,he will be injected with penicillin ,when one gets old , ,he will be paid pension by government .The local people have a peculiar habit ,They dislike visitors. Peeping from visitors is forbidden -----penalty 50 pence .The visitors perceive that they are unwelcome and soon leave .
我将告诉你一个安宁的半岛。那里的当地人多数是农民。他们在山脚下种植了胡椒、花生和绿豌豆。山顶上则种植了梨子树和桃子树。为了检查那些树,农民们每天骑自行车上山下山。梨子和桃子每公斤3美元。梨子和桃子很容易剥皮。海岸有许多漂亮的卵石。当地的妇女用它们和珍珠一起来做项链。珍珠和卵石项链是半岛的一个特色。当地人住在茅草房里。不过雨水无法渗 透过他们的茅草房。他们房里钟摆是一样的,一只小熊!那是他们的吉祥物。有人生病的话,就会注射青霉素;有 人年迈了的话,政府就发养老金的给他。当地人有个古怪的习惯,他们不喜欢游客。游客的窥视是禁止的------违者处罚50便士。游客察觉到自己不受欢迎后会很快离开那里。
From the top of the hill, you could get a perspective of a theatre. Agnes was a singer there. As a singer, she was perfection itself. Her performance was perfect. Agnes’s photographs often appeared on the periodicals. Perhaps she was so famous that Nazis wanted her to perform for Hitler’s birthday. The personnel manager called on her in person . He tried to persuade her to perform the contract and sing for Hitler. “with your permission, I will inform them now.” he said. Agnes refused, “I will not permit it happen. This is my permanent decision.” The manager said , “I have no right to interfere with your personal liberty. Last night, almost a hundred people perished in the struggle against the Nazi . lf you persist in that they will persecute you. All personnel hope you can agree to perform.” Agnes was a woman with a strong personality. In spite of his efforts at persuasion, she didn’t agree. She replied , “I know that perfectly well. But don’t perplex the issue; it isn’t so complicated. What percentage of the audiences is Nazi? I must get the story in its proper perspectives. I am a Jew. I am a hundred percent in disagreement with you . This is my perpetual loyalty to my faith. The roses perfume the air in summer and perish in winter. I know it is the most difficult period of my life. But I’ d rather die as a rose.”
Philosopher was fond of philosophy . His physical force was weak ,but his mental fore was great .He noticed every petty phenomenon :A pianist played the piano .A physicist was a person versed in or studying physics, and he must understand photoelectric effect .Both physicians and surgeons knew physiology well. A photographer must learn photography , thus he could take nice photographs .The philosopher could pick out these people from a group of people . And because he picked up some knowledge of physics and chemistry ,he knew physical thing were those he could see ,touch ,etc It was a physical impossibility for the sun to rise in the west .Petrol could be made from petroleum .He spoke in simple phrases to explain these to children .But the philosopher was going through a difficult phase . The government rejected his petition for eliminating the pests . This made him a little pessimistic . But he wasn’t a petty person .So he decided to take a trip .He picked out a cat as a pet to accompany him .On the way to the railway station ,he picked up a coin on the floor .Then he got on a train to Paris .The train stopped to pick up passengers then it picked up speed .The philosopher picked up French while he was staying in Paris .

书名叫故事烙印----速记最新考研英语大纲词汇;李峻编著,(美)Mary Jo Christensen审校

S – 05
Redress a Mishandled Case 平反错案
Mr. Martin set up a small company that sold many kinds of sensors. His wife set him up in his business. But one day Mr. Martin was charged with serious defalcation. A judger dealt with cases in time sequence. The witnesses appeared in court in sequence. After a series of legal procedure, Mr. Martin was sentenced to three years in prison. The sentence didn’t separate the family. The sensible husband comforted his families. His sentimental wife and his sensitive daughter still believed his innocence. And a servant who served the family faithfully for 10 years stayed with them, too. Mr. Martin decided to appeal. The wife set off immediately to see a famous lawyer. When she arrived at his office, the lawyer was presiding over a session. The woman set down her bag and set forth her purpose in coming. Her words set the lawyer off thinking a while. Then, he accepted the case and they set out to the prison. Soon, the lawyer set out to documents, He set about collecting evidences. He filled in the blanks in the sentences to set aside the useful ones. and also he set down every sensible doubtful point. The second trail was set back half an hour. Evidences were set out in front of the jury. An important letter served the lawyer as evidence. It pointed out the real criminal was Mr. Martin’s partner. The judge set aside the decision of the lower court. the real criminal was arrested, which served him right.
Survivor game 生还者游戏
Sixteen people (Team A and Team B)entered Survivor Game. Their bodies were in shape. Two teams faced severe tests. The first thing they needed to do was to check the geographical setting and settled down. Team A looked for a shady place that some trees could give shade. Thus, they could sit in the shadow when the sun shed strong light and heat. They sheared some branches from the trees then built a shed. Soon, a shed took shape. Though it was strong, it still would shake when elephants went by. The team menbers shared materials with each other. Team A’s leader was very severe. When any one felt sad, he would say, “There is no point in shedding tears.” But after the settlement of theire differences, they became friends. He taught them how to make setting with shafts. He led the team to avoid dangerous shallows. It was very sharp of him to see a shedding snake and warned the otheres. The snake’s teeth were as sharp as a shark’s. A menmber helpped him to shave his head bald because he wanted to save some shampoo. Another one helped to sew the button onto his shirt. Team B was not so lucky. There was a woman who had a rather shallow personality. She had no shame of her sham and shameful words. Team A defeated Team B in the first test. As a shady member of Team B, that woman was eliminated befor the next test.
A Narrow Escape from Danger 死里逃生
A shepherd’s name was Tomas, but he was called Tom for short. For this exciting sail, he spent all his shillings. He placed many beautiful shells on a shelf. He found them on the shore. But soon the ship encountered pirates. They shot at the ship. Tom used a shield to protect him from injury. The ship tried its best to flee away successfully. Then a sudden shift in the wind warned of the coming storm. The rain came down in sheets. Tom couldn’t find a shelter. He covered himself with a sheet. He shivered from the cold. After the rain, the sun shined again. But the ship ran around. The fresh water was running short. And there was a shortage of food, too. Tom would not await his doom. He and other five people took a boat and went away, trying to find their way out. It was a sheer gamble. They rowed the boat in two shifts. Two days later, they saw a sheer cliff. The land. They took a shortcut to go on shore. Later, they were shocked to hear of the news of shipwreck of their ship. They were lucky to evade it. But one of them, a shopkeeper was sad. He lost his shipment. The mayor cut short his meeting when he knew these people’s survival. The reporters gathered material report from Tom. They prepared to take down what he would say in shorthand. But Tom was too shy to say anything. That’s his shortcoming. Finally, he broke silence, “In short, we had a narrow escape from danger.”
A Pleasant Surprise
Mr. Nathan worked in a bookstore on the side, He was sick of working too much. But he must shoulder his responsibilities. That night after work, Mr. Nathan caught sight of his son. The boy ran forward with a happy shout, “Follow me, dad. Let’s do some sightseeing. I will shortly let you know where we go.” “It is going to rain, my child, My shirt will shrink when it is wet.” “It is only a shower. Besides, we can take a shower after we go home.” Mr. Nathan sighed then followed his son. They walked on the sidewalk, side by side. Then they walked sideways through a narrow passage. Suddenly, the boy gave a shriek of a delight. A bird was in sight. The boy waved until it was out of sight. Next, they came to a bar that had a wooden shutter. At first sight, it was very usual as others. A red flag was placed there as a sign. Mr. Nathan shrank. He said to his son shortly, “Your mum won’t let me drink” “shut out all bad thoughts from your mind, Dad, Let’s go,” A waiter showed them in . The bright light showed up the people inside. Mr.Nathan saw his wife smiling at him, “You showed up.” The son cried out, “Happy marriage anniversary.” Mr. Nathan pretended to be angry, “Don’t show off.” The boy adjusted the camera’s shutter then took a photo for his parents. To appreciate the shrewd son, Mr. Nathan ordered an ice cream on the side. He signed the bill,
Righteousness above Friendship 比友情更高贵的是正义
The simplicity of the following story makes it suitable for anyone. Walter and Tony had been good friends ever since they met at school. There was much similarity on their appearance. They worked in the same company. Walter believed in Tony with childlike simplicity until today. When he was washing dishes in the sink, Tony asked hime to sit for a conference, He’d like Walter to sit in. From last year till now, Tony simplified the working process to save silicon, silk and silver then he sold them secretly. Tomorrow he would leave by airplane. Before he leaved, he would explode the factory. The explosion was timed to be simultaneous with the plane’s taking off. “I would be a singular businessman.” Tony said. Walter’s heart sank when he heard Tony’s sins. Now, Tony needed Walter to simulate the boss’s signature. He lured Walter with money. But money held no significance for Walter, He signified his rejection with silence, On the contrary, he wanted to stop Tony’s silly action. Walter was completely sincere in what he said. His sincerity was evident in every word, but Tony refused him with anger. That night, Walter sat up until midnight, At last, he signaled urgently to the police. A police car raced along with its sirens wailing. Walter’s actions were significant. The police arrested Tony and stopped his crime. The noun “action” is singular; it is the singular form of “actions”.
Avalanche 雪崩
Abe was a medical student. He was studying the structure skeleton. Abe’s elder sister, Fanny was studying history. She was interested in slave and slavery. Fanny was a pretty and slender girl. Her skin was beautiful. She wore skirt of No.11 size. To keep slim, she only had a slice of bread for her breakfast. She was too slight to play basketball. But she was skilled enough in French to translate a novel. One Sunday morning, the sister and the brother watched some slides together in sitting-room. After that, Abe rolled up his sleeves and worked on a sketch of his sister. he was skilful at sketching. Suddenly, Abe suggested to go skiing. He preferred skating better. It’s fun to slide on the ice. But last year, he slipped and hurt his leg when he skated. Fanny slapped him on the back and said yes. Both of them disliked skyscrapers. They decided to skirt round the town center. The ski slop was situated just outside the town. Winter was the slack season at most hotels except here. The two young people were skiing happily when they heard a slight voice become louder and louder. Avalanche. The situation was dangerous. Fortunately they hid themselves in a cave in time. They only had a slender hope in their hearts. Rescue workers rushed to the site. A policeman wrote the skeleton of the rescue report. He was careful not to make any slip in his report. Finally, Abe and Fanny were rescued.
Provide Timely Help
Benjamin was born in slums. He only had a pair of slippers to wear. And his shirt had a long slit. His house was on the slope of the riverbank. Benjamin worked at a factory that was 5 miles or so from his house. There was a slogan on the factory’s wall, “Work for yourself.” Benjamin was smart. He was ever so diligent. He worked so hard that his boss liked him very much. So far Benjamin had done very well at factory. He saved all his money in a pot, so that he could buy some gifts for his girlfriend next month, a smoonth mirror, an overcoat and so on. But a sly smuggler had been on watch for the pot for a long time. One day, the smuggler set fire to Benjamin’s house. Then he smashed the door open in the name of fire fighting. Under the cover of the smog, He snatched the pot on the sly. That evening, Benjamin had some snack as supper then went home. He was caught in the snowstorm, so that his clothes were soaked, He made his way home. To his shock, his house was burned and the pot was gone. He couldn’t imagine who could be so mean as to do a thing like that. He couldn’t smooth his anger and sadness. The next day, Benjamin’s boss heard of his misfortune. He gave Benjamin some money. “I am not a snobbish boss,”he said to Benjamin, “I’d like to help you out of trouble.”
A Strong Man’s Weak Moment 坚强的人脆弱的时候
This soldier was the sole survivor of the battle. Military disciplines solidified the soldiers but most of them died in this so-called patriotic war. The soldier stood up as soon as he woke up. Extreme cold solidified water. The food had frozen solid. Such problems were not readily soluble. Its solution required a few hours. The soldier took out a solar cell. But the sun had no sooner started to shine than it was clouded over a gain. He couldn’t solve the problem now. The soles of his shoes were broken. the mud had soiled his socks. The soldier began to sob. He wanted to take a shower with soap. He wanted to drink a chocolate soda. He wanted to watch soccer game. And he missed his family. His father was a peasant, making his living from the soil. His mother was a sociologist, researching socialism. When he left to go up the line, they looked at him with a solemn expression. Sometimes, he doubted whether he could see them again. After sobbing, the soldier felt somewhat sober. He knew he must do something somehow. He took some soluble tablets first to keep himself warm. Then he began to walk forward. He firmly believed that he could get to the destination sooner or later.
Don’t Give Up 不要放弃
Charlie lived in southern part of the Soviet Union. He was a sophomore in a famous university. He devoted every spare moment to aeronautics. His father was a specialist in this field. From childhood, Charlie heard many stories about sophisticated spacecraft from his father. In spring, they two dug pits with a spade then sowed seeds. And they often used a spear to frighten sparrows. Whenever Charlie thought of his father, there was a spark in his eyes, But nobody told Charlie stories any more since his father died. Past events make Charlie’s heart sore. But he believed that the soul lived forever, which comforted him to some degree. This afternoon, Charlie heard a bad news coming from a reliable source. That is , the school doctor didn’t think he had a sound constitution for astronaut examination. The sophisticated school doctor had a sour temper. He disliked Charlie. Charlie felt sorrowful about the news. He couldn’t eat food this evening. Further more, the hot weather had soured the soup. He sorted his books then went outside for a walk. Charlie walked southward to a bridge. The bridge had a span of 60 meters. Standing on the bridge, he could see the river waves sparkling in the moonlight. He said as if his father was watching him, “I won’t give up!”
A Splendid Exploration
Dr. Connor was distinguished in biology spheres. He specialized in animal species. His specialty was researching spiders. Dr. Connor cared more about the spiritual life than the substantial life. So he spit in contempt on his father’s speculating. Then his father abolished his right of inheritance out of spite. Last summer, we joined in Dr. Connor’s expedition. We didn’t want to be spectators only. Dr. Connor made careful specification for this exploration. There was a specific tool for each job. The specifications were ready for us. He gave us very specific in structions. Then he put on his spectacles and showed us some specimens of spiders. We were poor at spelling so we couldn’t spell those spiders’ names. Finally he specified the particular time togather. The next day, we set out in spite of the rain. All of us were in high spirit. The truck speeded up after it left town. Day 1, Dr. Connor got a bad spill trying to ride a horse. Day 2, he spilt the coffee all over his book. Day 3, it cleared up. The spectacular sunrise made us exclaim in surprise. We remenber that splendid spectacle forever. Day 4, we saw a hot spring. All of us splashed in it except Dr. Connor. He needed to speculate on the situation before making the decision. Day 5, Dr. Connor found a spider spinning on a sphere. He spun with excitement. Totally, we spent 15 days in explortation. In a word, it was splendid.
Unimaginable Magic Performance 不可思议的魔术表演
David went on the stage at the age of 20. He very stable to face any problem. Ambition was the spur that made him work hard. As a magician, his reputation spread all over the world. Last week, his performance was held at a big stadium in Spain. A famous company sponsored the performance. The spokesman of the company announced the beginning of the performance. All staffs including David appeared on a square stage. he wore a white suit with black spots on it. He said, “Spain is my favorit holiday spot.”Then he took out a sponge. He poured water on it, Then he squeezed the sponge. It was dry now! All the audiences smiled except a little boy. He spotted his grandfather’s collar with ink. The boy was spoiled by his grandfather. He cried and nearly spoiled the performance. Fortunately, the following program attracted him. David opened the stable door. A sportsman pricked his spurs into the horse. They came on the stage. David stabbed the horse with a staff. The horse turned into a squirrel! All the audiences on the spot applauded spontaneously. The third one was surprising. David split a stack of logs. Once he split, one log began to sprout leaves. Next, David sprinkled a spoon of sugar on it, and it blossomed. In the last game, David sprayed paint on the wall. Then three beauties walked out of it.
Justice Must Done 必行正义
Life in a village seemed static, but it’s not. Ed found this recently. There was a stall nearby the landlord’s house. Ed could buy some stationery, stamps, and stainless steel knife there. From the standpoint of a stranger, the landlord set too strict standards for his servants. The servants only could use the back staircase. They starved but only could eat a piece of stale bread everyday. Each cow made her own stall in the shed. Every servant worked as standardized machine. One day, the landlord lost his stakes in the horse race. Additionally, he was stumbled by a stake. He became angry and began to thrash a servant. In his opinion, he himself stood for power. And he could kill a person like stamp an insect. The other people stood by and did nothing. At first, Ed remained stationary so as not to be seen. He stared with astonishment. Such a conduct was a stain to humanity. He decided to stand by the poor servant. He acted quickly because the man’s life was at stake. Ed stood up for him. The landlord didn’t listen to him. On the contrary, he killed the servant then he warned Ed! Ed stood up to his threat. The next day, Ed visited a famous statesman who was respected by people. Ed stood up when he came in. The statesman’s red hair made him stand out in a crowd. He was startled by Ed’s words. Soon afterwards he made his statement about the affair. He promised to punish the savage act.
The Last Sail 退休之航
July 30 was the date an old captain sailed last time. His steady working style of 35 years made his status high. The statistical data from weather bureau showed there was a storm soon. Despite the statistic, the captain stuck to his duty. Nothing could change his stern mind. The steamer set out on a sunny morning. As usual, his wife bought some roses with long stems. She was stung by one of roses. The wife stirred the sugar into her husband’s coffee. The captain stuck the fork into the potato then they kissed goodbye. The captain’s father came to see him off. The stern old man stood on the dock leaning on a stick. The captain stuck his head out of window and waved to his father and his wife. The stewards had stuck sticky labels on the cargo. They were ready for sailing. Step by step, the steamer stepped up its speed and left the harbor. The status of weather wasn’t optimistic. After standing in the chilly wind for too much time, the captain felt stiff in four limbs. But he still stood steadily at the stern like a statue. The captain together with the steward stuck out the stiff sailing. The steamer passed by steep hills and was close to the destination. This stimulated the steward work harder. The captain listened to the stereo radio and steered the steamer careful into the harbor. To welcome the steamer, a long line of honor guards marched all in step. And the police stepped in to keep order.
Hard Life 艰苦的生活
stitch n.一针,针脚v.缝,缝合
stock n.备料,库存,现货,股票,债券 v.储存
in stock 现有,备有
stocking n.长统袜
stomach n.胃口,胃
stony a.多石的,石头的,冷酷的,无情的
stool n.凳子
stoop v.弯腰,俯身;n.弯腰,曲背
storage n.库房,库存,保管
storey/story n.层,楼
storm n.暴风雨,暴风雪,激动,爆发;v.猛攻,直捣
stove n.炉子,火炉
straight a. 直的,笔直的;整齐的,端正的ad.直接
straightforward a.正直的,坦率的;简单的,易懂的;ad.坦率地
strain n.疲劳,紧张,张力,应变;v.扭伤,拉伤;拉紧,紧张,尽力
stranger n.陌生人,外国/地人,生客
strap n. 带,皮带v.捆扎
strategy n.战略,策略
straw n.稻草,麦杆,吸管
strawberry n.草莓
stream n.小溪;流,一股,一串;v.流出,涌
streamline a.流线型的
strangth n.实力,力量
strengthen v.加强,加固
stress n.压力;重音;v.强调,着重
There was a stony inn nearby a stream. It was a two-storey. The host wa a diligent man. His wife was straightforward woman and often asked some quite straightforward questions. She cooked meal for her husband with a gas stove. But he had no stomach for supper. He strained his right arm by lifting a heavy bag just now. He strapped his arm with a cloth strap. The wife was stitching her stockings. When she sewed she made long stitches. She thought of a lot of sand things. Her husband put all their money in a company stock thus lost most of their money. Last week, their streamline car was stolen. The storage of food was not enough. The close-by store had no more food in stock, And now, the clouds threatened a stony storm. The woman couldn’t bear the stresses and strains of life. Tears streamed from her eyse. The host straightened his back. He must work out a strategy to deal with the coming storm. It would take great strength to resist the storm. First of all, he must strengthen the foundation of the inn. He stressed this to all his workers. Then he stooped to pick up his tool to work with them together. Even some strangers came to help them. Having finished work, the tired host sat down on a stool. Then he drank strawberry juice through a straw. After that, he asked all of the people to hide in the storage before the storm.
一条溪流边有个石头造的客栈。 它是个两层楼建筑。主人是个勤劳的人。他的妻子是个坦率的人,常常会问写很简单的问题。她用煤气炉给丈夫做了一顿饭。但他没有胃口吃。他刚才抬一个重包的时候扭伤了右臂。他用一根布带捆扎手臂。妻子正在缝合她的长统袜。当她干针线活时,她的针脚总是弄的很长。她想起了许多沮丧的事情。她的丈夫把他们所有的钱投入在一个公司的股票上,因此失去了他们大部分的钱。上周他们流线型的汽车被人偷了。食物的储藏不够。附近商店没有备有粮食。而现在乌云暗示了一场无情的暴风雨即将到来。这名妇女无法承受生活的压力和紧张。眼泪从他的眼睛里流出来。主人挺直了他的背。他必须想出策略来对付即将到来的风暴。抵抗暴风雨需要许多气力。首先他必须巩固客栈的地基。他对他所有的工人强调这一点。然后他弯腰拾起工具和他们一起干活。甚至一些陌生人也来帮助他们。完成工作之后,疲惫的主人坐在凳子上。然后他用吸管喝了一些草莓果汁。那之后,他要求所有人在暴风雨来临前躲进库房。
The world around Us 我们的世界
stretch v.延长,伸n.一段时间,一段路程;拉长,延伸
strict a.严格的,严厉的,严谨的,精确的
stride v.大步走,迈进,跨过n.迈步,阔步
strike v.冲,撞;罢工;(使)产生印象,打动,发现,找到n.罢工
striking a.显著的,惊人的
string n.一串,一行,弦,线,细绳;v.缚,捆
strip v.剥,n.窄条,条纹
stripe n.条纹
strive v.奋斗,努力
stroke n.击,敲;报时钟声;一击,一划,一笔,一次努力;抚摸v.抚摸
structural a.结构的,构造的
structure n.结构,构造,建筑物;建造
struggle n./v.斗争,奋斗,努力
stubborn a.顽固的,倔强的;难对付的,难以克服的
studio n.画室,播音室;制片厂
stuff n.原料材料,东西v.填满塞满
stuffy a.不透气的,闷热的
stumble v./n.跌,绊
sturdy a.强健的,结实的
subdivide v.再分,细分
submarine n.潜水艇 a.海底的,水底的
submerge v.沉没,淹没;潜水
submit v.使服从,屈服
subordinate a.次要的,从属的;下级的
subscribe v.订购,订阅
That morning was a stuffy morning. I got out of the bed and had a good stretch. My dog came to lie down beside me. I nearly stumbled over it. It liked to be stroked. I subscribed several kinds of newspaper. So after I stuffed myself full of food, I read them.There were a lot of stuffs on them. I was attracted by a piece of striking news. Because a subordinate in a film studio didn’t submit to the strict order from his stubborn manager, he was stripped off clothes and given 5 strokes of the whip. The angry workers struck to their human rights. They divided into two groups and subdivided into four groups. They strode on their sturdy legs down the street. They declared that they were not string puppets. All the other issues were subordinate to this one. The subordinate’s wife was invited to a television studio. She wore a string of pearls. Her skirt had white stripes between blue. She was a stubborn woman. Whatever happened, she would strive. It seemed that the struggle would last for some time. The second one was that a tall structure had been put up in downtown. I liked the structural idea. The third one was about building submarine cable tunnel. A company needed a submarine to submerge into the deep sea. It submitted an application for approval. After reading newspaper, I strung them together with a strip of sticky tape. Then I decided to go back to my studio.
Succession Wave 继任风波
subsequent a.随后的,后来的
substance n.物质,实质;大意;财产财物
substantial a.实质的,真实的;坚固的,结实的;富裕的
substitute n.代替品,代用品;v.代替,替换
subtle a.精巧的;细微的,微妙的
subtract v.减
suburb n.市郊,郊区
subway n.地铁
succeed v.成功;继承,接替
successful a.成功的
succession n.连续,系列;继任,继承
in succession 连续地
successive a.连续的,接连的
successor n.继承人
such as 象….那样的,诸如,例如
such …that 那样的…以至于
suck v.吮,吸
all of a sudden 突然
sue v.控告,对…提出控诉,起诉
suffer v.受痛苦,患病;受损失,遭受;忍受忍耐
sufficient a.足够的,充分的
sugar n.糖
suggestion n.建议,意见;暗示
suicide n.自杀,自取灭亡
suit v.合适,相配;适应;一套西服;诉讼
suitable a.适合的,适宜的
The old mayor retired. Somebody must substitute him. Mr.Pearson succeeeded in the succession. He was born in a family with abundant substance. He inherited substantil property subtracted legacy tax. Mr Pearson lived in a substantil castle in the suburb. And he had many luxuries, such as subtle watches and expensive cars. He didn’t eat sugar. So honeyhad been used as a substitute in his recipes. Mr. Pearson was thought a suitable successor. All of a sudden, the subsequent thing surprised everybody. The old mayor died on the subway. It was proved that he died from poisoning. His family sued Mr. Pearson. They heard they once quarreled because the old mayor didn’t accept his suggestion. On the day of trial, Mr.Pearson wore a black suit. the black suit suited him very well. Nobody noticed his subtle strain. The substance of his defense was that he was innocent. Mr Pearson’s defense was successful. The substantial sincerity of his words moved the jury. And his lawyer supplied sufficient evidences to prove that the old mayor committed suicide. The old mayor underwent four successive operations within a month. There was such much pain he suffered in succession from his illness that finally he sucked poison. Mr. Pearson won his suit at last.
Ivan and his superior 依凡和他的上级
sulfur/sulphur n.硫
in sum 总而言之
sum up 总结,概括
summarize/summarise v.概括,总结
summary n.摘要,概要;a.概括的,简略的
summon v.召唤,召集,传讯;使出,鼓起(勇气),振作(精神)
summon up 鼓起勇气,奋起,唤起
sunrise n.日出
sunset n.日落
sunshine n.日光,日照
super a.超级的,极好的
superb a.极好的,高质量的
superficial a.表面的,肤浅的
superfluous a.多余的,过剩的
superior a.优良的,卓越的;优于…的,比….多的;n.上级,长官
superiority n.优势,优越性
supermarket n.超级市场
supersonic a.超音速
supervise v.管理,监督
supplement n. 补遗,增刊,附录v.增补,补充
suppose v.猜想;假定,以为;让,设
suppress v.压制,镇压;抑制,忍住;查禁
suppreme a.极度的,最重要的;至高的,最高的
make sure of/that 查明,确认;务必,确定
surface n.表面,面,外表
To supplement his ordinary income. Ivan did a part-time job in a supermarket. His superior, a young woman summoned him and his colleagues to have a meeting. She supervised the Commodity Department. She summarized the situation and encouraged them to work hard. Her superiority made her a very superior kind of women. In sum, Ivan fell in love with her at first sight. She brought sunshine into his life. But he must suppress his feelings beneath his calm surface. Ivan helped his superior to write summaries of all kinds of reports. He summed up the turnover for her. But the woman thought he was too superficial to be her boyfriend. So she never said superfluous words to him. One night, the sulfur in the storage caused the fire. Ivan fought the fire so bravely that he got hurt. Before he was sent to hospital, he summoned up his courage to express his love. He said, “I really wanted to enjoy the sunrise and sunset together with you” Ivan supposed that his superior must refuse him. But she answered, “Suppose we go for a trip after you recover.” Ivan was surprised. He asked again to make sure that she accepted his love. It was the supreme moment in his life. Ivan’s burns were superficial and soon got well. They took a supersonic aircraft to a beautiful city. Then they spent a super week at the seaside. And Ivan found that his superior’s dancing was superb. He love her more.
A War Suspect 一名战争嫌疑犯
Before the battle, soldiers swore an oath to carry out their duties faithfully. They suspended their march in front of a swamp. Soon they found they were surrounded by swarms of enemies. But the soldiers would rather die than surrender. A soldier was injured heavily, Hope sustained him in his struggle. Finally he lost his consciousness. He dreamed a black swan and several swallows flying in the sky. It was a surprising dream. When he opened his eyes, he saw a lamp suspended from the ceiling. He found he was in a hospital. The hospital was in beautiful surroundings. The branches of the trees were swaying in the wind. A surgeon asked him what’s his surname. The surgeon had saved many lives by surgery. He surpassed other surgeons in skills. The soldier took the medicing at one swallow and the surgeon took away the surplus medicines. The solider didn’t know he was under suspicion. He was suspected by his superior. Few survived after the battle. The superior was suspicious of his survival, -- he thought the soldier might be a traitor. When the soldier knew that, he felt disappointed. So he left the hospital and climbed up a high mountain. He stood on the top of it and surveyed the whole city. Little by little, he calmed down. And he dedided to survey the whole event.
打仗之前士兵们都宣誓要忠诚的履行职责。他们在一块沼泽地前暂停了行军。很快他们发现他们被一群群的敌人包围,但士兵们宁死不投降。一名士兵受伤的很严重,是希望在支撑着他战斗。最后他还是失去了知觉。他梦见一只黑天鹅和几只燕子在空中飞翔。这真是个令人惊奇的梦境。当他睁开眼睛的时候,他看见一只灯悬挂在天花板上。他发现自己在医院里。 医院的环境很美丽。树枝在风中摇摆。一名外科医生问他姓什么。这名外科医生运用外科学救了很多人。他的技术超过其他的外科医生。士兵一口吞下药,外科医生把剩余的药拿走了。士兵不知道他受到猜疑。他被他的上级怀疑。几乎没有人在战斗后幸存。他的上级怀疑他的幸存—他认为士兵有可能是个叛徒。当士兵知道这事后,他非常失望。于是他离开医院爬上了一座高山。他站在山顶俯瞰整个城市。渐渐地,他冷静下来。他决定调查整件事。
A Medical Symposium 一场医学专题报告会
A medical symposium would be held in a hall. the systematic arrangement of chairs made the hall look spacious. There were two swords on the wall of the hall. They were put in symmetry. They were the symbol of the symposium. Before the symposium, the floor of the hall had been swept. All the clocks in the hall had been synchronized. A symphony orchestra came in first. They synchronized their steps. After the symphony orchestra finished its performance, the chairman stepped on platform. His assistant switched the speaker on. The chairman switched the subject from syndrome to synthetic medicine. He talked about how to produce medicine by synthesis. His speech sympathized with the audiences. A Swiss was busy making notes. He was a doctor. He was sympathetic when his patients died. So he researched different symptoms of different illnesses to work out better medicines. This Swiss wore a sweater and now he sweated all over. And a swift bee stung his hand and it swelled up. The Swiss couldn’t focus his attention on the speech. He looked out of the window. Some children were playing on the swings. They were swinging happily. At the end of the symposium, the chairman announced that he would collect good papers in a symposium.
Take over a Career
tablet n.药片,碑,匾
taboo n./v禁忌
tackle n.滑车,用具,器材v.处理,解决对付
tactic n.策略,手段[-s]兵法,战术
tag n.
tail n.尾巴,后部,尾部
tailor n.裁缝,v.逢制,裁剪
take…as 把…当作
take after 与…相象
take apart 拆卸
take away 消除,消耗
take down 记下,写下
take…for 把…认为是,把…看成是
take in 接受,吸收;理解;欺骗
take off 拿走,脱下,起飞
take on 呈现,具有,装出;接纳;承担,从事
take over 接管,接办
take up 占去,占据,开始从事,拿起,接收
take to 亲近,喜欢
tale n.传说,故事
talent n.才能,天资,人才
talk back 回嘴,顶嘴
talk into 说服
talkative a.健谈的,话多的
tame a.驯服的,温驯的,沉闷的,乏味的 v.驯服,制服
A talkative tailor was famous for making good suits, Some people took him for a tame person, but they soon found out their mistakes, The tailor was skilled in tactic. He never took in his customers, Cheating was a taboo in his mind. The tailor had a son. The boy took after his father, He took to his father very much, He followed the tailor all day like a tail. His father told him tales of interesting things. The boy was talented. He took apart a sartorius at the age of 10. The tailor took him as his successor. He taught the son step by step. For example, at first he taught the son how to put the price tag on the suit. Whenever the tailor scolded the boy, the boy never talked back. He only took down what his father said thus he took in it quickly. Business took up much of the tailor’s time. Year by year, hard work took away his health. The tailor must take three tablets for his headache everyday. One night, the son helped his father to take off the coat, then he talked his father into retirement. The next day, the tailor began his travel. The plane took off on time. The son took in the task his father gave to him. He took on his father’s duty and took over the shop. He was eager to take up some job. As the spring came, trees took on the green color. But the tailor died. The son fixed a tablet to the wall in menmory of his father.
一名健谈的裁缝因制作优质西服而出名,友人把他当作是一个很温驯的人,但是他们很快就会发现自己错了。裁缝对策略很在行。他从不欺骗他的顾客。在他的概念中欺骗是一种禁忌。裁缝有一个儿子,小男孩与他父亲很想象。他非常亲近父亲。他整天象尾巴一样跟着父亲。他父亲告诉他很多有趣的故事。男孩很有天资。他10岁时拆卸了一台缝纫机。裁缝把他作为自己的接班人。他一步步教儿子。比如一开始,他教儿子怎么把价格标签放到西服上。无论何时裁缝责怪男孩什么,男孩从不回嘴。他只是记下他父亲的话,这样他很快就理解那些话。生意占据了裁缝的大部分时间。一年年过去了,辛苦的工作消耗了他的健康。裁缝每天必须吃三粒药片来治头疼。一天夜里,儿子帮助父亲脱下外套,然后他说服父亲退休。第二天,裁缝开始了他的旅游。飞机按时起飞。儿子接受了父亲给他的任务。他承担了父亲的责任, 接管了衣店。他热切的要开始从事一些工作。春天来了,树木呈现出绿色。但是裁缝死了。儿子在墙上挂了一片匾来纪念父亲。
Painful Boyhood
tan n.黝黑, a.棕褐色的, v.晒黑
tank n.罐 槽 箱 坦克
tanker n. 油船
tap n.塞子,龙头,轻拍 v.轻敲;利用;开发
tape recorder 磁带录音机
tar n.柏油,焦油
target n.目标,对象 靶子
tariff n.关税,税率;(旅馆饭店)价目表,收费表
tear v.撕n.眼泪
in tears 流着泪,含泪,哭
tease v.戏弄,取笑,挑逗,撩拨 n.戏弄他人者,戏弄,挑逗
technical a.技术的,工艺的
technician n.技术员,技师,技工
technique n.技术,技能,工艺
technological a.工艺的
technology n.工艺,技术
tedious a.乏味的,单调的,冗长的
teenager n.(13-19岁的)少年
telegram n.电报
telegraph n.电报机,电报; v.打电报,发电报
telescope n.望远镜
temper n.脾气,情绪;韧度,回火度
lose one’s temper 发怒,发脾气
temperature n.温度,发烧
temple n.庙宇,神殿,寺;太阳穴
James and Lou were teenagers. They were good friends. Whenever Lou heard a soft tap on his door, he knew it’s James, James liked to tease Lou but Lou seldom lost his temper. Their country declared a war against their neighboring country because of tariff problem. Advanced technology was used in war. The technological progress accelerated the development of weapons. New weapons were produced by new technique. The president made a tedious speech to encourage the youth to enlist. James and Lou joined the army. A highly skilled technician trained them to drive tank. Both of them tanned quickly in the sun. One day, Lou received an order to bombard a tanker. Before departure, he left a tape recorder to James. Lou saw the target through telescope. He didn’t know it was a trap. The road was covered with tar. Besides, the petrol tank in his tank is empty. The tank could not move owing to some technical reasons. The enemy surrounded the tank. Lou sacrificed his young life. When James heard of the news by telegraph, he cried Lou’s name in tears. James caught cold that night then had a temperature. His temples were very hot. He had to cool his forehead in the cold water from the tap. The war ended. James hesitated, but finally went to the telegraph office to send a telegram to Lou’s parents. Their hearts were torn by pain. They buried their son’s relics in a temple.
A Dangerous Temporary job 一个危险的临时工作
tempo n.节奏,行进速度;(音乐的)速度
temporary a.暂时的临时的
tempt v.诱惑,引诱;吸引,使感兴趣
temptation n.诱惑,引诱
tenant n.承担人;房客,佃户
tend v.趋向,往往是;照料看护
tendercy n.趋向趋势
tender a. 嫩的;脆弱的敏感的温柔的温厚的v.提出提供投标
tennis n.网球
tense n. 时态a.拉紧的紧张的
tension n.张力,拉力;紧张
tent n.帐篷
tentative a.试探(性)的,试验(性)的
term n.学期,期限,期间;条件条款,术语
in terms of 依据,按照;用…的措辞
terminal n.终点站,接线端;(计算机)终端
terminate v.停止,结束
terrible a.很糟的,极坏的;可怕的骇人的;极度的厉害的
terrific a.极好的,非常的,极度的
terrify v.使害怕,使惊吓
territory n.领土版图,领域范围
terror n.恐怖;可怕的人(事)
terrorist n.恐怖主义者
testify v.说明,证实
testimony n.证据证词;表明说明
There was a growing tendency of terrorism in this terrirory. The local people were terrified by terror. The government tended to have a tentative negotiation with those terrorists. It hired Samuel as a temporary worker to do the job. Samuel was an ordinary university student. He liked disco music tempo. He liked to play tennis. He could fix the broken terminals of the computer. He needed to recite many technical terms to pass his exams at the end of this term. His landlord collected the tenant’s rent monthly. Because his contract had been terminated, Samuel had to move to a tent to stay over. The job was dangerous in terms of security, but he could earn some money. Money tempted him to take a risk. 1,000 dollars was a big bemptation. Samuel started off. He was rather tense and his tense muscles exposed this. His mind was full of terrible imaginations. then he drove a car to the bus terminal where he would meet those terrorists. The negotiation went well. Samuel felt relaxed on the way home. He drove his car at a terrific speed and at the same time he enjoyed the terrific view. But suddenly his car collided with another one. Samuel was sent to hospital. He was as weak as a tender flower. His tender mother tended him patiently.
Forgiveness 关于宽恕
textile 纺织品,纺织的
thanks to 由于,幸亏
thanksgiving 感恩节
that is 就是说,即
theater/theatre 戏院,戏剧,阶梯教室
theft 偷窃失窃
theme 题目主题
theoretical 理论上的
therapy 治疗理疗
thereafter 此后,以后
thereby 因此,从而
therefore 因此,所以
thereof 由此,因此
thermal 热的,保暖的
thermometer 温度计
thesis 论文论题论点
thick 厚的,粗的,稠的;密集的
thin 薄的,细的;稀薄的淡的,瘦的;变薄变细变稀
for one thing 首先,一则
think of …as 把…看作,以为…是
think over 仔细考虑
think better of 改变主义;重新考虑
thirst 口渴,渴望
thirsty 渴的,渴望的
thorn 荆棘,刺
Some students were busy writing thesis, which was the requirement to graduate and gain diploma. They planed to go to a thermal spring the next day for a break. But it snowed therefore the plan was cancelled. The snow was thick but the ice was too thin for skating. So they went to a theatre to see a drama. The theme for the drama was forgiveness. A boy stole an old man’s wallet. The thief was forgiveness. A boy stole an old man’s wallet. The thief was caught, and other people wanted to send him to the police station. The old man agreed with them at first. thought better of it, he gave up. That is, he decided to set the boy free. The old man had thought all the details over before he spoke. He said, “I don’t want to put him into prison for his theft, for one thing he was too young, for another, I believe that he would mend his ways.” The old man’s forgiveness was not theoretical but practial. Thanks to the old man, the boy avoided being punished. He thought of the old man as his lifesaver. Thereafter he became a new man. Thanksgiving Day was coming, thereby the boy decided to visit the old man. The old man got a fever and was in therapy at that time. The thermometer read 39 degrees. He felt thirsty all the time. The boy brought some textiles and a bundle of roses as Thanksgiving gifts to the old man. There were some thorns on them. Having enjoyed the drama, the students began to debate. The thesis of the debate was about forgiveness.
Homicide Case in Palace 宫廷命案
thorough 彻底的完全的,精心的
as though 好象
on second thoughts 经重新考虑,一转念,又一想
thoughtful 认真思考的,沉思的,体贴的
thoughtless 欠考虑的,轻率的,不体贴人的
thread 线,线索,思路,螺纹,穿过
threat 恐吓威胁;坏兆头
threaten 恐吓,威胁,有…危险;快要来临
threshold 门槛,入门开端;令人激动的事
thrill 令人激动的事,使激动,使兴奋,使毛骨悚然
thrive 兴旺,繁荣
throat 咽喉,嗓子
throne 王位,君权
throughout 遍及,贯穿;到处,始终
throw away 扔掉,抛弃
thrust 刺,戳,插入
thumb 大拇指
thunder 雷,轰隆声;打雷,雷鸣,大声说,吼叫
thus 因而,从而;这样,如此
tick 滴答声,勾号,打勾
tide 潮,潮流,趋势
tidy 整洁的整齐的;整理收拾
tie 领带领结;联系纽带;束缚,约束;扎系捆
tiger 虎
A kingdom was triving because of its wise old king. When the old king died, his two sons both wanted to get the throne. It was really a thrill for both of them. The older brother behaved as though he was the new king, He threatened to knife his younger brother if he got in his way. When he said that, he was as fierce as a tiger. The queen was a thoughtful woman, everyone wanted to stay with her. She often used different threads to sew different ties for her sons. Keeping their rooms tidy was her pleasure. One night, the queen woke up because of a sore throat, It was quiet; all she could hear was the tick of the clock, The queen took a walk, but She saw a terrible thing. The older prince killed the younger one by thrusting a knife throughout his his chest. The older prince threw away the knife out of the window. Then he wiped blood on his thumb away. The queen stood on the threshold, shocked. She was thoughtful for a while. At first, she wanted to call the guards, but on second thoughts she changed her mind. She didn’t dare to do anything thoughtless, otherwise she would lose her second son. It began to thunder and rain. So she went back her bedroom with tears. The next day, the guards made a thorugh search for the lethal weapon, but didn’t find it, It became an unsettled case. But the queen often thrilled to the memory of it. She had to watch the sea tide to calm down.
Daily Life 日常生活
tight 紧的紧身的;密封的,不透…的,紧紧地
tile 瓦片,瓷砖
tilt 使倾斜使倾倒
at full tilt 全速地,全力的
timber 木材木料
ahead of time 提前
at a time 每次,一次
at no time 从不,决不
at one time 同时,曾经,从前曾
at times 有时
for the time being 目前,暂时
from time to time 有时不时
in no time 立即马上
in time 及时,适时的
on time 准时
take ones’s time 不急不忙的,从容进行的
timely 及时的适时的
timetable 时间表
timid 胆怯的怯懦的
tin 罐头;锡
tiny 微小的,极小的
tip 尖,末端,小费;轻扣,轻击;倾斜倾倒;给小费
tire 使厌倦疲倦,轮胎车胎
tiresomes 使人厌倦的,讨厌的
Alexander was a builder. There were two teams in the company. The two teams had competitions from time to time. According to the timetable, the workers needed to put tiles on the walls of a new building today. It was a tiresome hard work. The two teams began to work in no time after the bell rang, At one time, the competition began. From the time being, Team 1 preceded Team 2. Team 2 pursued Team 1 at full tilt. Suddenly a shelf titled and all the timbers fell off. Team 1 had to put them in order. With the timely accident Team 2 finished its part ahead of time. After the work, Alexander felt tired. His shoes were too small for him and he felt tight. He decided to go to a bar. At no time would Alexander smoke. He drank at times. The waitress gave him a bottle of wine sealed tight. He took out of the money from his tight pocket and paid the bill. Besides, he tipped the waitress 2 dollars. Then Alexander took his time to enjoy the wine. He was a little drunk and nearly tipped the table. He woke up in time. Alexander left the bar. He bought some tinned-food for his families. The tins were made of tin. Alexander reached home on time. He went upstairs to see his baby. The baby got a cold yesterday. It took one pill of medicine at a time for three times a day. It looked timid today. Alexander tipped the tiny baby with the tip of his finger. Both of them smiled.
Six Years on an Island
tissue 薄绢,织物,纸巾
title 书名,标题;头衔,称号
toast 烤面包,吐司;祝酒词;烤,烘;向…..祝酒
tobacco 烟草,烟叶
toe 脚趾,足尖
toilet 厕所,盥洗室
token 表示标志,象征;记号;信物;纪念品;代价券;筹码;象征性的
by the same token 由于同样原因,同样地
tolerance 容忍耐性;公差
tolerant 宽容的容忍的
tolerate 宽容,默许
tomato 西红柿
tomb 坟
tone 音调,音色,风气,气氛,腔调,语气,色调
tongue 舌头,语言
topic 话题,主题,题目
torch 火把火炬,手电筒
torrent 山洪,激流
tortoise 乌龟
torture 拷问拷打折磨,痛苦
toss 向上扔,摇摆,颠簸,辗转反侧
keep in touch 保持联系
out of touch 失去联系
touch on 关系到涉及
touch up 润色,改进
A writer who had a professor title sent an article to a magazine. He kept in touch with the magazine. He wrote the article in his mother tongue. The title of the article was “Six years on an Island”, Its topic was “courage and tolerance”. The article touched on a real story. On Edward’s 25th birthday, his girlfriend prepared the best tobacco for him. She used beautiful tissue to wrap the gift. It rained heavily that day, A torrent of water poured down the mountain. Edward was drifted to an isolated island. He felt something was stepping on his toes and then he woke up. Edward was out of touch with his family. He tossed on the ground that night. Once a ship passed by the island. Edward tossed his clothes into the air and waved a torch. He cried and his shrill tone troke the quietness, but the ship still left. Edward had to build a wooden house for himself, including the kitchen and the toilet. He couldn’t eat toasts any mor. Fortunately there were some tomatoes on the island. But Edward suffered the tortures of loneliness. He often stared a love token or a long time. year by year,Edward hardly spoke with his tongue. Six years passed. a passing ship rescued him finally. His families thought he had died. They had built a tomb for him. By the same token, his girlfriend married with another man. Edward was tolerant to her. He proposed a toast to her happiness. The editor touched the article up a little.
A Nice Tour 一次愉快的旅行
tough 坚韧的;棘手的困难的;强健的吃苦耐劳的;粗暴的凶恶的
tour 旅行,游历
tourism 旅游业
tourist 旅行者
tow 拖,牵引
towel 毛巾
tower 塔,高耸
trace 痕迹,踪迹;极少量微量;描绘,跟踪,追踪
track 跑道小路;轨迹轮迹;跟踪,追踪
keep track 通晓事态,注意动向
lose track 失去联系
tractor 拖拉机,牵引车
trademark 商标
tradition 传统,惯例
traffic 交通,交通量
tragedy 悲剧,惨事,灾难
tragic 悲剧的,悲惨的
trail 踪迹,痕迹;(乡间)小道,追踪跟踪
training 训练培养
trait 特征特点特性
traitor 叛徒,卖国贼
tram 有轨电车
tramp 流浪者,步行,跋涉
transaction 办理,处理;交易,事务;会报学报
transfer 转移,调动,转车,转业,转学,转让,过户
As a tourist, Harriet was touring a famous city for the holidays. A bell tower was the emblem of that city. Before the tour, Harriet received a thorough training in a university. The transactions of that university focused on tourism and tour. Harriet had finished the transaction of business in her company. She would keep track of business when she was away. Also, she transferred her cellphone to her brother. At Jamaica, Harriet transferred from the train to a bus. Then she must tramp over a mountain. It was a tough task. Harriet kept on sweating and had to dry herself with a towel. But she was tough enough to face it. That was her trait. There was a track to the top of the mountain. She and some tramps found the trail of rabbit. From the top of the mountain, Harriet saw a tragic scene, a traffic accident. A truck collided a car then flew away. To avoid more tragedies, the police traced the truck and then arrested the driver. A tractor towed the car to the repair factory. In the following three days, Harriet visited a lot of places. She noticed there were hunge trademark advertisements everywhere, She was invited to a traditional wedding. She visited a temple in which there was a statue of a traitor, The traitor would be cursed by his people forever. Harriet enjoyed her tour very much while her families worried about her because they lost track of her since she left home.
Special News Flash
transform 改变,转化;变压;改造,改革
transformer 变压器
transient 暂时的
transistor 晶体管,晶体管收音机
transition 转变,过渡
translate 翻译
translation 翻译,译文,译本
transmission 播送,发射;传递传导
transmit 发射,传播;传递传导
transparent 透明的,显然的,明显的
transplant 移植
transport 运输,搬运;运输系统,运载工具
trap 陷阱,圈套;诱捕,使中圈套
tray 盘,碟,托盘
treason 判国,谋反,通敌
treasure 财宝,珍品; 珍爱珍惜
treasurer 司库,财务主管
treaty 条约
tremble 发抖,颤抖;摇动晃动
tremendous 巨大的极大的
trench 沟,沟渠
This morning,the Broadcasting Station interrupted its normal transmissions to bring the audience a piece of special news flash. The police arrested a spy. The spy was a treasurer working in a big company. The transition from a good man to a spy was a complicated course. The man took his transistor everywhere with him. In fact, the transistor had been transformed into transmitter. By using a transformer, he translated the codes into translation he could read. Then he transmitted useful information back. Because of his crime, the country lost a lot of treasure. The man committed the crime of treason. His purpose was transparent, for money, He would have a bone-marrow transplant and needed a lot of money. But he couldn’t transform his plan into reality. His sweet dream was transient. The police “visited” him soon, The treasurer trembled with tremendous fear. He crashed a transparent tray on the floor. The police sent him to the police station by some special transport. The man tried to jump into a trench half way but failed. The transport was rather successful. By clever questioning the police trapped him into making a confession. And finally the two countries signed a treaty to solve the problem.
今天早晨,广播站打断了它日常的播送,给听众发布了一条特别新闻报道。警方逮捕了一名间谍,间谍是一家大公司工作的财务主管。从一个好人到一名间谍的转变是一个复杂的过程。这个人走到哪儿都带着他的晶体管收音机,实际上晶体管收音机已经被改造成了一台发报机。通过运用一个变压器,他将密码翻译成他读得懂的译文。然后他将有用的信息传送回去。因为他的罪行,国家损失了大量的珍宝。这个人犯了判国罪。他的动机很明显,为了钱。 他将做骨髓移植手术,必须要一大笔钱。但他没有办法将他的计划变为事实。他的美梦很短暂。警察很快拜访了他。财务主管因为巨大的恐惧而发抖。他打碎了一只透明的盘子,警察用特殊的运输工具押他去警察局,这个人在半路上试图跳进一个沟渠但失败了。运送还算比较成功。警察用聪明的提问使他中圈套坦白了一切。最后两个国家签订了一项条约来解决这个问题。
Trip in Tropical Rain Forest 热带雨林之旅
trend 倾向趋势,伸向,倾向
trial 审讯,试验考验
triangle 三角形
tribe 部落家族
tribute 贡品,颂词,称赞,(表示敬意的)礼物
trick 诡计,骗局,恶作剧,窍门,诀窍,欺骗哄骗
trifle 少量,少许,小事,琐事
trim 整齐的整洁的,整理,修整装饰
trip 旅游,远足,拌倒,失足
triple 三部分的三方的,三倍的,使增至三倍
triumph 胜利成功,得胜战胜
triumphant 得胜的,得意洋洋的
trivial 琐碎的,无足轻重的
trolley/trolly 手推车小车,(英)无轨电车,(美)有轨电车
troop 部队,军队,一队,群
tropical 热带的
troublesome 令人烦恼的,讨厌的
truck 卡车,载重汽车
trumpet 喇叭,小号
trunk 皮箱,(车尾)行李箱;树干,躯干
A young couple planed to make a wedding trip in the tropical rain forest. Before leaving, the wife had had her hair trimmed in the morning. all the night she packed her trunk. She put her trim clothes into it. Young women were always interested in the trends of fashion, She was tricked to buy a scarf made of a triangular piece of blue silk. She put it into the trunk also. Her husband never was impatient over such troublesome trivial matters. and they never quarreled over trifles.They respected each other and never trifled with the other’s affections. The couple drove a truck in the tropical rain forest. Suddenly, they heard someone playing trumpet. They followed it and found two tribes. One tribe played tricks on the other one. They triumphed in the end. A trial was held for both sider. The winner was triumphant because the loser must pay tribute to it. This time the winner could obtain triple tributes. They would use trolleys to carry the tributes. The couple was excited to watch this while the wife tripped on a tree root. The other people walked towards them. The couple jumped into the truck in a hurry and drove away quickly.
A Day of lsaac’s life 艾萨克一天的生活
in truth 实际上,的确
try out 试验
try on 试穿
tub 木盆,浴盆,桶
tube 管,软管,电子管,显象管,地铁
tuck 卷起,塞进
tug 拖,猛拉,拖船
tug of war 拔河比赛
tuition 学费
tumble 使摔倒,打滚,翻腾,摔交
tune 调子曲调,和谐协调,调音调节调整
tune in (to) 调谐,收听
tunnel 隧道,山洞
turbine 气轮机,涡轮机
turbulent 狂暴的,无秩序的
turkey 火鸡
by turns 轮流交替
in turn 依次轮流
turn down 关小调低,拒绝,摈弃
turn in 交出上缴,转身进入拐入
Isaac was a high school student. Every morning, he went to school on the tube. The tube roared in the tunnel quickly. The first class that morning was music. He played a tune on the violin. The second one was English. The students gave English speeches in turn. And the teacher asked them to turn in two essays every month. In the afternoon, the students visited a museum first. They saw the first ship to use turbine to propel forward in the world. Then they had a tug of war. Isaac tucked his shirt into his trousers then tugged the rope all out. He tumbled several times but he had fun. In the evening, Isaac took a good bath in the tub then tried on a new shirt. He recollected last weekend. He and his father went to a store. Isaac tried out the TV set before buying. He found that the TV tube had broken. They chose another good one. The television was too heavy they took carring it home. They had delicious turkey that night. Isaac was stopped recollecting by the rest bell. He lay down on the bed. He turned in his favoritestation to listen to it. In order not to disturb his roommates, he turned down the radio. The news said a hurricane was coming and the sea was turbulent. But Isaac worried about another thing, that is, the tuition was rising every year. He wanted to do a part-time job to lighten his parents’ burden. He was a good boy in truth.
The Twins and Their Tutor 双胞胎和他们的家庭教师
turn into 变成
turn off 关掉,断开,拐弯,叉开
turn on 接通,打开
turn out 制造生产,结果是,驱逐使离开
turn over 翻过来,翻倒,移交转交
turn to 变成,求助于,借助于
turn up 开大,调大,出现来到,发生
take turns 轮流
turning 转向,旋转,转弯处
turnip 萝卜,芜菁
turnover 翻倒,翻转(物),人员调整,(资金等)周转,成交量,营业额
tutor 家庭教师,指导教师
twentieth 第二十
twin 双的,成对的,孪生的,孪生子
twinkle 闪烁闪亮
twist 捻,搓,绞,拧,歪曲,曲解;搓,扭转,扭弯
typewriter 打字机
typhoon 台风
typical 典型的,有代表性的
typist 打字员
tyre/tire 轮胎
A factory turned out ten thousand automobiles each year. Its turnover was quick. Its turnover was pretty high. A worker in this factory worked hard. His wife gave birth to twins. She was a typical housewife. Every night after supper, the family turned off the light then turned on the television. The husband always asked the wife to turn the TV up a little because he could not hear very clearly. On weekends, the couple took turns to look after the twins. When the twins were 8 years old, their parents decided to turn over the children to a tutor, It’s maybe a good idea to turn to a professional tutor. On the day the tutor turned up, the weather forecast said that the highest was 10 degrees, but it turned out to be 5 degrees. The tutor drove a car. She turned off the highway and ran towords the seshore. Typhoon always struck the villages there. Then she took the first turning on the left. The tutor used to be a typist, so she brought the typewriter with her. Once the tutor saw the twins. she liked them. Their eys twinkled like stars. The tutor taught them how to twist threads together and how plant turnip. Also she explained why water turned into ice when it was cold. They turned over stones to watch ants under them. The twins liked the tutor too. In a big competition they won the twentieth and they told the tutor first.
Against Discrimination
ugly 丑陋的难看的讨厌的
ultimate 最后的最终的,根本的
ultraviolet 紫外线
umbrella 雨伞
unanimous 全体一致的,一致同意的
unbearable 无法承受的
uncertain 不确定的,易变的,不可靠的
uncertainty 不确定,易变,靠不住
uncover 揭露,揭开
underestimate 低估
undergo 遭受,经历,低估
undergraduate 大学生,大学肆业生
underground 地下的,秘密的,地铁
underline 在…下划线,强调
underlying 含蓄的,潜在的;在下面的
undermine 暗中破坏,逐渐削弱;侵蚀..的基础
underneath 在…下面,在下面,在底下
understanding 理解,理解力;通情达理的
undertake 承担;担任;许诺保证;着手,从事
undesirable 不受欢迎的,令人不快的
undo 松开揭开,取消撤消
undoubtedly 无疑;必定
uneasy 不安的,焦虑的
unemployment 失业,失业人数
An undergraduate was not good looking. In fact, he was ugly. Thus he underwent much unbearable discrimination. His manager framed a theft against him. saying the undergraduate stole an ultraviolet-proof umbrella. The committee had an underground meeting and was unanimous to fire him. The undergraduate’s understanding of his situation was correct. Undoubtedly, he was thrown into unemployment. He had to live in the uncertainty on the dole. He was uneasy in his mind about his future. Sometimes he was uncertain to commit suicide or not. He couldn’t undo his knot in his mind so he began to drink. He was often found sleeping underneath the table. His health was undermined by drink. A reporter happened to know his affair, He decided to visit the undergraduate. The uncertain weather delayed his departure. But the reporter did visit him finally. Then he undertook the job to give fair back to the undergraduate. He undertook to finish it by next month. His understanding words touched the undergraduate. Soon, the reporter undertook the investigation. He uncovered the whole affair. He wrote down the title of the article and underlined it. In his article, he underlined several points in an underlying way. His ultimate goal was to bring fair back to the undergraduate.
一名大学生长的不好看。实际上,他很丑陋。因此他遭受了很多不堪忍受的歧视。他的经理诬告说大学生偷了一把防紫外线的雨伞。委员会召开秘密会议并一致通过解雇他。大学生对自己处境的理解是正确的。 无疑,他是公司里不受欢迎的人。大学生被迫失业了。他不得不靠救济金过着不安定的生活。他对前景感到焦虑。有时他不确定自己是否要自杀。他无法解开心结,于是他开始喝酒,他被常常发现睡在桌子下面,他的健康逐渐被饮酒削弱。一名记者无意中得知他的事情。他决定访问大学生。易变的天气耽误了他的行程,但他最终还是访问了他。然后他承担了帮大学生讨回公道的任务。他许诺在下个月之前完成任务。他那通情达理的话让大学生很感动。很快,记者着手调查此事,他揭露了整个事件。他写下了文章的标题并在下面划线。在他的文章中他用一种含蓄的方式强调了几点。他的最终目标是为大学生讨回公道。
The Coming Catastrophe 即将来临的大灾难
unexpected 意想不到的,意外的
unfit 不适宜的不适当的
unfold 展开,打开,显示,展示
unfortunately 不幸地
uniform 制服,军服,相同的一律的
unify 使联合,统一,使相同,使一致
union 协会,工会,同盟,联合,合并,融洽
unique 唯一的,独一无二的
unite 联合,团结,统一,合并
unity 团结,统一,一致,整体
universal 普遍的全体的,通用的,宇宙的世界的
universe 宇宙,万物
university 大学
unjust 不公平的
unkind 不仁慈的,不和善的
unless 除非,如果不
unlike 不同,不相似的,不像,和….不同
unlikely 未必,靠不住的
unlimited 无限的无拘束的
unload 卸货,卸下
unlock 开..的锁,开启
unpaid 未付的,未缴纳的
unsatisfactory 不能令人满意的
unsuitable 不合适的不适宜的
The Earth is only one of the numerous planets. It is not unique. so one day, we had unexpected guests. Some Ets were coming. Unlike other Ets, they were unkind. They had unlimited ambition. They were unlikely to treat the earthmen well. The earth union held an urget meeting in a university. The world unity was essential in time of universal war. All the officers wore in uniforms.The chairman unlocked a door and guided the others to walk into the room. Then he unfolded a universal map. He said the earthmen must unite against the invaders. All the people that supported the chairman would be unified under his leadership. Unfortunately, the chairman was unfit for the position even though he said the people’s accusation was unjust. The chairman’s work was unsatisfactory. According to his order many workers were unloading weapons from ships in the harbor. All the weapons were unpaid. Nobody knew that most o f these weapons were unsuitable to cope with those Ets. the Earth was facing a catastrophe unlee some real leader replaced the chairman.
accept Innovation 接受新事物
untie 解开解放。
unusual 不平常的,与众不同的
unwilling 不情愿的
update 更新,使现代化
upgrade 提升,使升级
uphold 支持,赞成,举起,坚持
upper 上面的上部的,较高的
upright 垂直的,直立的,正直的诚实的
uproar 骚动,喧嚷,鼎沸
upset 扰乱,使..心烦意乱的;打翻推翻
upside-down 颠倒的倒置的
up-to-date 时新的,新式的,跟上时代的
urban 城市的
urge 催促,力劝,强烈希望,鼓励,促进;迫切要求,强烈欲望
urgent 急迫的,紧迫的
usage 用法,惯用法
make use of 利用
put to use 使用,利用
use up 用完,花完
as usual 象往常一样,照例
utility 效用,有用
utilization/utilisation 利用
utilize/utilise 利用
utmost 最远的;极度的极端的;极限最大可能
utter 说,发出(声音)
At the beginning of computer usage, quite a few people rejected it. Mr Russell was one of them. He was an upright person but he was unwilling to accept innovation. He even disliked urban life. One day, as usual, Mr. Russell went to work. He found that a new employee joined the company. The young man had an unusual mind. In a meeting, he stood upright. Then he did his utmost to urge the other employees to make use of up-to-date instrments like computer. He suggested the meeting into an uproar. Mr. Russell uttered a sigh. He disagreed with the young man. He thought the company would use up its money if it did that. He thought it was utter waste. But Mr. Russell’s upper superior upheld the young man’s suggestion. The superior was urgent to update the OAS too. His support quite upset Mr. Russell.Soon, the computer was put to use in the company. The employees were busy untying all kinds of packages of new equipments. The office was turned upside-down. Next, the young man utilized his computer knowledge to teach other employees to operate computer. Step by step, none besides Mr. Russell could deny the utility of computer.
A Painful Vacation 痛苦的休假
vacant 未占用的,空的
vacation 休假,假期
vacuum 真空,真空吸尘器
vague 不明确的,含糊的,暧昧的
vain 徒劳的,自负的,虚荣的,徒劳,白费
in vain 徒劳,无效
valid 有效的合理的,有根据的
validity 有效,有效性
valley (山)谷,流域
valuable 贵重的有价值的;贵重物品,财宝
valve 阀,电子管真空管
van 有蓬汽车,有蓬货运车厢
vanish 消失,消散
vanity 虚荣心,浮华
vapor/vapour 蒸汽,水蒸汽
variety 种种,多样;种类,品种
a variety of 种种,各种
various 各种各样的,不同的
vary 改变,变化
vase 花瓶,瓶
vast 巨大的大量的;辽阔的;巨额的
vegetable 蔬菜植物,植物的蔬菜的
vegetarian 素食主义者
Sometimes Mr. Seymour didn’t know what to do with his vacant time. His vacation plan was rather vague. He analyzed the various factors then finally decided to go to a valley abroad. His wife would go with him. Both of their passports were valid for travel abroad. Before leaving, Mr.Seymour turned off the vacuum cleaner and the water valve. His wife put on valuable ring and necklace. Her interest lacked variety. she treated herself as a vase and liked to vary her dress as fashion changed. She did that out of vanity. Mr. Seymour tried in vain to make his wife change her mind. She offered a variety of excuses. So he gave up. They took a van to the airport. Two hours later,the airplane vanished into the clouds. The couple arrived at a plain first. The vast plains stretched for hundreds of miles. Nearby the plain there was a lake. Water vapor rose from it. It was beautiful. The following three days, the weather was hot. There had been no variantion in the temperature. If any room with air-conditioning was vacant, they would move in. Mrs. Seymour’s mood was variable because of the hot weather. She was unhappy again in dinner. Mr. Seymour was a vegetarian. He only ate vegetable. His wife complained a lot about it. She always demanded more varieties for her food. It was really a painful vacation for Mr. Seymour.
Deep love between Father and Daughter 父女情深
vegetation 植物,草木
vehicle 车辆,交通工具;媒介载体
veil 面纱,遮蔽物 用面纱掩盖,掩饰
velocity 速度,速率
velvet 丝绒,天鹅绒;丝绒制的,柔软的
ventilate 使通风,换气;给…装通风设备
venture 冒险,拼;敢于,大胆表示;冒险事业
joint venture 合资企业
verb 动词
verbal 用言辞的,用文字的;口头的动词的
verdict 裁定;定论;判断,意见
verge 边缘;接近
on the verge of 接近于,濒于
verify 证实,证明
versatile 通用的,万用的,多才多艺的,多方面的
verse 韵文,诗;诗节诗句
versus/vs 与….相对,与…相比,以…为对手,对
vessel 容器器皿;船舰;管,血管
vest 背心马甲,汗衫内衣
veteran 老手老兵
veto 否决
via 经,通过
vibrate (使)振动,(使)摇摆
There were several versions of a verse. Its verbal expression was very clear. Irene was a versatile girl. She could weave vest and also she could make vessels for holding food. Her father was a veteran. Now he worked in a joint venture. On a sunny morning, he went on business. A week later, a car ran towards Irene’s house at a fast velocity. Irene was opening the window to wentilate the room at that time. The messenger told her that her father had been kidnapped at the border. No vehicles or vessels were permitted to pass the border. When Irene knew her father was on the verge of death, she decided to venture her life to rescue him. Irene hired a group of strong men. She put on a velvet veil then set out. They left from their village to the border via a high mountain.
The mountain was almost vertical. There was no vegetation on it at all. Irene’s every blood vessel was hot when she climbed the mountain. they stole into the border. Irene’s courage was verified in this risk. after innumerable hardships, they found her father. In the gunfight Irene versus the kednappers, Irene won. The veteran’s voice vibrated with passion when he saw his daughter. They went home together. But soon Irene was arrested because of stealing into the border. Irene’s verbal ability showed in her self-defense. The jury vetoed the charge against her. The final verdict was inspiring. Irene was set free.
Strengthen Yourself and Help Yourself
vice 邪恶,坏事,恶习;台钳,老虎钳;副的
vice versa 反之亦然
vicinity 邻近附近
vicious 恶毒的凶残的,邪恶的
victim 牺牲品,受害者
victorious 胜利的,得胜的
victory 胜利
video 电视,视频,录象;电视的,视频的
viewpoint 观点
vigorous 有力的,朝气蓬勃的
village 村,村庄
vinegar 醋
violate 违犯,违背
violence 暴力,暴行,激烈猛烈
violent 猛烈的,激烈的,暴力引起的,强暴的
violet 紫罗兰,紫色
violin 小提琴
virgin 处女,未婚女子;未经使用的,未经开发的
virtual 实际上的
virtue 优点,美德,德行
bu virtue of 由于
The viewpoint of a video recording was, strengthen yourself and help yourself. There was a vicious man in a village. He had a lot of vices. He hated the other villagers, vice versa, the other villagers hated him. a virtual state of hostility existed between two sides. Newly, the bad guy noticed a virgin in the billage. The virgin was a girl of high virtue and she was very beautiful. She liked to wear violet dresses. The girl planted many violets in her garden. at night, she would play the violin in it. One evening, the bad guy lurked in the vicinity of the girl’s garden and waited. The girl put some vinegar in the noodles and began to eat. After supper the girl walked into the garden as he expected. The vicious guy rushed out and tried to violate her. The girl didn’t lose her mind. She was rather strong because she kept herself vigorous by taking exercise. Now, the girl was determined to meet violence with violence. She was victorious within five minutes. She defeated the bad guy by virtue of her courage and by a pair of vices. The girl protected herself from becoming a victim. The police arrested the man. He violated the law and his vice would be punished. The girl won the full victory.
一部电视录象的观点是:自强自助。一个村庄有一名邪恶的男子,他有许多恶习。他仇恨别的村民,反之亦然,别的村民也仇恨他。双方之间存在着事实上的敌意。最近这个坏蛋盯上了村里的一名少女,这名少女是个德行高尚的姑娘,而且非常美丽。他喜欢穿紫色的衣服。姑娘在他的花园里种了许多紫罗兰。夜里她会在花园里拉小提琴。一天晚上,坏蛋埋伏在姑娘花园的附近并伺机行动。姑娘在面条里放了些醋并开始吃起来,晚饭后,姑娘如他所愿走进花园。邪恶的坏蛋冲出来并试图强暴她。 姑娘并没有慌张。她很有力,因为她通过运动使自己精力旺盛。现在姑娘决定以暴制暴。她在5分钟内得胜了。由于她的勇气和借助一对老虎钳,她打败了那个坏蛋。姑娘保护了自己免于成为受害者。警察逮捕了坏蛋。 他违反了法律,他的邪恶将受到惩罚。姑娘赢得了彻底的胜利。
Pain in Life 生命之痛
virus 病毒,(精神,道德方面的)有害影响
visible 看得见的,可见的
vision 视力视觉,眼力想象力
visual 视觉的,看的
vital 生死攸关的,重大的,生命的生机的
vitamin 维他命
vivid 生动的,鲜艳的,栩栩如生的
vocabulary 词汇,词汇量,词汇表
vocation 职业,行业
void 空的空虚的,缺乏的,无效的
volcano 火山
volleyball 排球
volt 伏特
voltage 电压
volume 容积体积,卷册,音量响度
voluntary 志愿的自愿的
volunteer 志愿者,志愿兵,自愿
vote 投票表决,选票,选票数
vowel 元音字母,元音
A sailor and his son lived nearby mountains. a volcano was visible from his room window. The boy was only three years old. But he could say vowel clearly and began to learn vocabulary. Every time when his father measured the voltage, the boy volunteered to help read how many volts it was. The boy was vital and attractive. His pictures were vivid. They had strong visual appeal. The boy had visions of being a sailor like his father. Sailor was the vocation his little heart dreamed of. Every night, they two read a set of Green Fairy Tales in 3 volumes. Every sunday, they played volleyball in the park. The sailor was so happy to have such a son. But soon a bolt from the blue shocked him. His son was affected by some terrible virus. The boy took many vitamin pills everyday but still was losing his vision and his life. A vital operation couldn’t save his life. The boy died. Without his son, life was void for the sailor. To keep up his spirits, the sailor was voluntary to go on a very long voyage. The matter was decided by vote. His application was approved.
Ahapless Day 倒霉的一天
wage 工资报酬,进行开展
wagon/waggon 运货马车,运货车,敞蓬车厢
waist 腰,腰部
waiter 服务员,侍者
waitress 女服务员
waken 弄醒,醒
wallet 皮夹,钱包
wander 漫步徘徊迷路,迷失方向,离题
ward 保护守卫;病房,行政区,受监护人
ward off 防止,避开
warehouse 仓库,货栈
warfare 战争,斗争,冲突
warm up 变热
warmth 温暖,暖和,热心
warning 警告
warrant 正当理由;许可证委任状;保证担保
wasteful 消费的
watchful 注意的,警惕的
waterfall 瀑布
waterproof 防水的,耐水的
watt 瓦特,瓦
wave 波浪,挥手示意,飘扬起伏;波动
wavelength 波长
wax 蜡,打腊
by the way 顺便提一下,另外
A wagon driver was paid his wages today. He wore a ribbon belt round his waist. and he put his wallet into the belt. The wagon driver had a wasteful habit on payday. He went to a bar, In the bar, a short wavelength radio was broadcasting pop music. The whole bar only had a lamp of 30-watts. There was a wax candle on each talbe. The waiter there warranted the drinks were the best drinks. He said he took them from a warehouse. The wagon driver go drunk soon. A waitress wakened him. She gave him a cup of coffee to warm him up. The warmth of ocffee made the wagon driver talk. But he wandered in his talk. Nobody listened to him, so he waved a farewell to the waitress then went out. One the way home, two robbers headed him off. The wagon driver couldn’t ward them off. The warfare ended in the robbers’ victory. The wagon driver felt very sad. He wandered in the streets. He passed by a waterfall. Many people who wore waterproof raincoat were taking pictures of the waterfall. The waves rolled on. The wagon driver watched the waves but suddenly he slipped down into the waterfall. When the wagon driver woke up, he found himself lying on a bed in the medical ward. His experience ought to be a warning to careless people. By the way, the police obtained a search warrant to search the suspects’ house. They got back his wallet.
Robert and Emily 罗伯特和艾米莉
by way of 经由,通过…方式
give way of 让路让步
in a way 在某点,在某种程度上
in any way 在任何方面
in no way 决不
in the way of 妨碍
in one’s way/in the way 阻碍,妨碍
lead the way 带路引路
make one’s way 前进,行进
make way 开路,让路
wealthy 富裕的,丰富的
weapon 武器
wear off 逐渐消逝
wear out 用破用坏,磨损耗尽,使筋疲力尽
weary 疲倦的,另人厌烦的,使厌倦
weave 编织,
web 网,蜘蛛网
wedding 婚礼
wedge 楔,楔形;楔牢,楔入
weed 杂草野草,锄草
weep (over)为…哭泣,(for)悲叹哀悼,伤心
weigh 称…的重量,重达;考虑权衡
weight 重量,重力;负荷重担;重要性分量;砝码秤砣
weld 焊接,焊缝
welfar 福利
Robert was a poor welder. Emily grew up in a wealthy family. One day, Emily lost her way in the street. Robert led the way for Emily because he knew the path well. Emily hesitated but made her way forward. Later, they fell in love with each other. Their wedding took place on Jouly 6 last year. Robert’s parents came to attend the wedding by way of Lodon but Emily’s parents didn’t. At the beginning of the marriage, Emily put a wedge of wood under the door to keep it open on every afternoon. Then she weeded in the garden while waited for her husband. But for Emily, the novelty of marriage wore off soon. She had to weave web to earn some money because Robert’s welfare wasn’t enough to support their expense at all. Her boots were worn out but she couldn’t buy another pair. Emily wept bitter tears orver her choice. She lost weight day by day. She thought Robert got in her way and her stupid choice got in the way of her future. She should leave him by way of divorce. Emily weighed these ideas in her mind. She began to complain. Her weary speech would never end even Robert was weary after his day’s work, Her weapons were her tears. When she wept, everyone had to make way. In fact, Robert never hurt Emily in any way. In his mind, she was in no way to blame. In a way, it was his fault for giving way to his wife every time. Let’s see what would happen in the end.
罗伯特是个穷焊接工。艾米莉生长在一个富裕的家庭。有一天,艾米莉在街上迷路了。罗伯特为艾米莉引路,因为他很清楚路况,艾米莉忧郁了一会儿,但还是跟着他前进了。后来他们互相爱上了对方。他们的婚礼在去年7月6日举行。罗伯特的父母经由伦敦来参加婚礼,但艾米莉的父母没有来。在婚姻初期,艾米莉每天下午在门下放一块木楔让门开着。 然后她一边在花园锄草一边等她的丈夫。但对艾米莉来说,婚姻的新鲜感很快就逐渐消逝了。她不得不编网来弥补家用,因为罗伯特的福利根本不够花销。她的靴子都磨损了,但她不能买新的。艾米莉为她的选择痛苦的流泪。她一天天的消瘦。她认为罗伯特妨碍了她,而她愚蠢的选择阻碍了她的前程。她因该通过离婚的方式来离开他。艾米莉在脑海里权衡着这些想法。她开始抱怨了。他那些另人厌烦的说辞永远都不会停止,尽管罗伯特在下班后非常疲倦。他的武器就是她的眼泪,当她流泪的时候,每个人都不得不让路。实际上,罗伯特从来都没有在任何方面伤害过艾米莉。他的想法是,自己决不能责备她。在某种程度上,每次给他的妻子让步是他的错。让我们来关注最后的结局吧。
A Hospitable Village
as well
as well as 同样地
what about (对于)…怎么样
what if 如果…将会怎样,即使…又有什么要紧
whatever 无论什么,不管什么
wheat 小麦
wheel 轮,车轮
whenever 无论何时,随时,每当
whereas 而,却,反之
wherever 无论在哪,无论到哪,究竟在(到)哪
whether 是否,会不会,不管,无论
whether…or 是…还是,不管…还是
whichever 无论哪个,无论那些
for a while 暂时,一时
once in a while 偶尔,有时
after a while 过了一会,不久
whip 鞭子,抽打,鞭策,搅打,打成泡沫
whirl 旋转打转;急转
whisky 威士忌酒
whisper 轻声说,私下说;耳语
whistle 口哨,汽笛;鸣笛
whitewash 粉刷,掩饰;石灰水
whoever 不论谁,任何人
on the whole 总的来说
wholesome 卫生的;有益于健康的
A traveler drove a car to the countryside. Half way there, one of his car wheels came off. Some girls smiled and whispered with each other. The traveler’s brain was in a whirl. To whitewash his embarrassment, he said hello to them. The girls invited him to their village. Whoever came would be welcome, whether they know him or not. The traveler hesitated for a while then said, “wherever you go, I follow.” In the small village, some peasants were grinding wheat. Some others were whitewashing a house. The others were drinking. They invited the traveler to join them, “You can drink whatever you want. What about a glass of whisky? It’s wholesome drink for you. Take whichever seat you like.” It was a polite as well as friendly invitation. The traveler drank once in a while, so he sat down and asked, “What if I get drunk?” They answered quickly, “You can stay overnight here.” The traveler gave a loud whistle of gladness. After a while, he did get drunk. The next morning, the peasants lent the traveler a horse and they said he could come whenever he likes. The traveler appreciated them very much. He had never done anything for them, whereas they had done everything for him. On the whole his stay here was quite enjoyable. The traveler rode on the horse. He could drive a car; he could ride a horse as well. He whipped the horse to trot; He hoped he could visit the village soon.
一个旅行者驾驶着汽车去乡村。半道上他的一个汽车轮子掉了。 一些女孩子笑起来并互相耳语。他的脑子一阵旋转,为了掩饰他的窘迫,他想她们问好。女孩们邀请旅行者去她们的村庄。无论谁来都会受到欢迎,不管他们认识还是不认识他,旅行者犹豫一时,然后说“无论你们到哪儿,我都跟着。”在小村庄里,一些农民正在磨小麦。另外一些农民正在粉刷一所房子。其余的人在喝酒。他们邀请旅行者加入他们,“无论你想喝什么就可以喝什么,来一杯威士忌怎么样,那可是有益于健康的酒。无论哪个位置你喜欢就坐下吧”那是一个即礼貌又友好的邀请。旅行者偶尔喝酒。于是他坐下来问:“如果我喝醉了怎么办?”他们很快回答道:“那你可以留下来过夜。”旅行者高兴地吹了个响亮的口哨。不久,他真醉了。第二天早上农民们借给旅行者一匹吗并且说他随时都可以过来玩。旅行者很感激他们。他从未为他们做过任何事,反之他们却为他做了所有事。总的来说,他在那儿呆得非常愉快。旅行者骑上马。他可以架车,同样地也会齐马。他鞭打马儿飞奔。他希望可以再次很快拜访那个村庄。
A Wonderful New Life 美好新生活
wholly 完全地,全部地,一概
wicked 邪恶的,恶劣的,恶意的
widespread 分布广泛的,普遍的
widow 寡妇
width 宽度,宽阔,广阔
willing 情愿的,乐意的
winding 饶,缠,绕组,线圈
wipe 擦,揩,抹
wipe out 擦去,除去,消灭,毁灭
wire 金属线,电线,电报,电信,发电报
wireless 无线的
wisdom 智慧,明智;名言格言
wise 有智慧的,聪明的
wit 智力,才智
withdraw 收回撤消;缩回退出
withhold 拒绝,不给;使停止,阻挡
withstand 抵抗,经受住
witness 目击者证人;证据证明;目睹,做证
witty 机智的,风趣的
wonder 惊奇,惊异;
no wonder 难怪,怪不得
wonderful 惊人的,奇妙的,极好的
wooden 木制的,呆笨的
wool 羊毛,毛线,毛织品
woolen/woollen 羊毛(制)的
A widow lost her husband last year. Her husband led his soldiers to wipe out a whole enemy but he died in the battle. His wife knew the news by wireless telegragp. For half a year, she tried to wipe out the memory of that terrible moment. She was wise to do that. The widow was a woman of great wisdom. She showed her wit in what she said and did. Every one who knew her was a witness. They wondered at her witty remarks. The widow was beautiful. No wonder many men chased her. Some of them were quite wicked. The widow withstood all kinds of advances. She withheld her love for any of them. One by one, the pursuers withdrew from the competition. The only one left was sincere. He was willing to do everything for her. The man spent all the afternoon in her garden. The garden was six meters in width. The rope of the garden door was not strong enough, so he replaced it with wire. He made full use of woods in the garden to make a wooden sofa for the widow. One day, the widow was affected by a widespread disease. The man carried her to the hospital in a hurry. He saved her life. The widow was moved wholly. So she decided to knit a woolen sweater for the man. One afternoon, she began to wind up wool into a ball. She needed at least five wool windings. The widow smiled when she worked because she wanted to begin a wonderful new life.
After the Shipwreck 船只失事之后
in a word 总而言之
in other words 换句话说,也就是说
keep one’s word 守信用
word for word 逐字的
at work 在工作,忙于
out of work 失业
work out 解决,算出;设计出,制定出
work up 引起,激起;逐渐上升,向上爬
workshop 车间,工场;专题讨论会
worldwide 全世界的,世界范围的,遍及全世界
worm 蠕虫,虫
worship 礼拜,做礼拜,崇拜,敬仰
at (the) worst 在最坏的情况下
worthwhile 值得(做)的
worthy 值得…的,配得上…的;可尊敬的,有价值的
wound 创伤,伤口;伤害
wrap 裹,缠,卷,包;披肩,围巾
wreath 花环,花圈
wreck 失事船(或飞机),残骸;失事,遇难,拆毁
wrench 猛拧,挣脱;使扭伤;扳手;(离别等的)痛苦,难受
wrinkle 皱纹,起皱,皱眉
wrist 腕,腕关节
write off 报废,勾销,注销
go wrong 发生故障,出毛病
Sandy’s trip was written of. He encountered a shipwreck. The ship was wrecked on the rock. The rescuing team found the wreck of the ship. Sandy wrenched himself from the twining seaweeds. But his wrist was wounded heavily by a rock. A rescuing person wrapped a big wrap round him to keep vivors put some wreathes on the sea surface. Sandy had been put out of work for months since the wreck because of his wounded wrist. Later, he found a job in a computer company. As a computer fan, Sandy worshiped the worldwide famous Bill Gates very much. So he chereished the opportuntiy very much. He was always at work in the workshop. He kept his word to do his job well. In return, his salary worked up. One day, the computer system went wrong. In other words, the system broke. This worked up sandy’s attention. He thought it that some virus caused this. What virus in the world it was? He wrinkled up his forehead in perplexity. Later, Sandy found out it was a wom virus. He checked the program word by word and decided to rewrite it. He thought it worthwhile to have a try. At the worst he lost his job. Finally, sandy worked out the solution! In a word, he proved himself a worthy computer programmer once again. He was more and more orthy in his colleagues’s eyes.
Yearly Visit 一年一次的拜访
xerox/Xerox 复印机,复印
X-ray X射线,X光
yard 院子,场地,码
yawn 打呵欠,呵欠
yearly 每年的,一年一度的
yeast 酵母
yell 叫喊
and yet 可是,然而
as yet 到目前为止;到那时为止
yield 出产,生长;屈服服从;产量收获
youthful 年轻的,有青春活力的
zealous 热情的,热心的
zebra 斑马
zero 零点,零度;零
zigzag 使曲折,曲折盘旋
zinc 锌
zone 地区,区域,划分
It was rather cold that day, five below zero. We paid a yearly visit to my uncle. My uncle lived in the temperate zone. To get to his house, we needed to pass a zigzag path and crossed several zebra crossings. We parked our car in my uncle’s yard. My uncle had his youthful spirit at 65. He was fat and slow. and yet people liked him. But he hadn’t married as yet. My uncle showed great zeal to welcome us. We noticed something wrong with his leg. He explained he was going to hospital for an X-ray. He wasn’t the kind of person to yield to illness. After supper, we sat together, chatting. My uncle said a lot, such as yeast must be used in producing wine; a cow would yield several gallons of milk each day; one should eat some vegetables contained zinc and Fe; the trees in his garden would gave a high yield of fruit this year. His zealous but long speech made us yawn. Usually at this time. my uncle would yell at us to be careful. This time, my little son said, “Granduncle, can you write down what you said and I can xerox it.” Hearing this, all of us including my uncle break into laughter.
那天天气很冷,零下五度。我们去每年一度的拜访我舅舅。我舅舅住在气候温和的地区。 要抵达他家,我们需要通过一条之字型的小路并且穿过数条斑马线。我们在舅舅的院子里停好车。舅舅65岁了,精神上依然年轻。他又胖又动作缓慢,可是人们都很喜欢他。但他到目前为止一直没有结婚。舅舅满怀热情地欢迎我们到来。我们注意到他的腿似有不便。他解释说他正准备到医院做x光检查。他不是那种向疾病屈服的人。晚饭后,我们坐到一块儿闲聊。舅舅的话很多,诸如酿酒一定要放酵母;一头奶牛每天能产几加仑的奶;每个人需要吃一些含有锌和铁的蔬菜;他花园里的果树今年会有高产量。他那热情但冗长的演讲让我们打哈欠。通常这个时候舅舅就会叫喊让我们注意听。这次我的小儿子说道:“舅公,你可不可以把你要说的写下来,这样我就可以复印了。”听到这里,我们所有的人,包括舅舅都忍不住大笑起来。


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